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Real Name: Jessica

Hobbies: Dancing, cooking, drawing, writting (duh), bubble baths,and napping.

Favorite animal: PANDAS!!!! Kawaii

Why I write: I love to this paring and love the anime InuYasha. My ideas for fanfics often just come to me at random. I have a large variety of stories that have many different ideas and each story takes place in a different area of the world and a different time period. Though some stories may share the same time period which will most likely be the modern day era.

I hope that I am able to satisfy all of my readers though I know that I am most definatly not the best author out there. I would say the reviews I get from my readers are what keeps me writting. I love you all.

Kimonno Rose has 6 stories.
This is volume one of my new fanfic series that is mainly based on ghost stories. Each will be different like vampires, witches,spirits, that sort of thing. SUMMARY: Kagome, a famous actress, has just recieved a letter from her great, great uncle saying that she must go to Scotland inmediatly. But once she sets foot upon the ancient grounds of the Yule Manor she enters a world of adventure, horror, and maybe even a little love. Romance/Horror/Adventure/Action
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: General
Updated: 07-12-07 - Chapters: 3 - Reviews 16 - Words 7,230
NEW CHAPTER!! Inspired by the Bring It On movies. SUMMARY: Kagome Higurashi, a small town country girl, is moved to the big City of Tokyo. Her new school, Tokyo High, home of the dragons, is at the top of the High School Chain. She joins the famous Fire Dragon, cheerleading squad. What happens when she catches the eye of the hot quaterback? Only one way to find out. ARE YOU READY TO BRING IT ON?!!
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: General
Updated: 03-27-07 - Chapters: 4 - Reviews 31 - Words 8,848
This is a challange from someone on a-single-spark. I forgot the name. Kagome was destined for great things and Sesshoumaru was destined for greatness. Allthough there paths are different they somehow cross. But Kagome must not develpoe feelings for this lord, if she does the world will stop spinning. But if she doesn't she will die.
Rating: R - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: General
Updated: 03-07-07 - Chapters: 2 - Reviews 1 - Words 2,961
The story of Sleeping Beauty with my own little twist on things. Two princesses of the sea. On the day of their birth one was taken and one was cursed. Sister against sister. The two princesses fight for the right to rule and whats this? A handsome prince is caught in the middle.
Rating: R - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: General
Updated: 03-04-07 - Chapters: 5 - Reviews 2 - Words 9,982
Based on the movie Swan Princess. Princess Kagome and Prince Sesshoumaru were to be married but before that could happen Kagome was cursed by an unkown force to become a swan every night until the moon touched the center of the sky. However there was much more to the curse than she first thought.
Rating: R - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 01-14-07 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 5 - Words 779
Kagome is the daughter of a govenor. She has sailed all over the Caribbean and now when her ship is attacked she is rescued by a man with silver hair. Is he a priate? What will happen to Kagome? Why is she being hunted by pirates around the Caribbean? Read and Find out.
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 01-03-07 - Chapters: 2 - Reviews 19 - Words 3,938

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