About Us

Dokuga.com is an offshoot of the Yahoo award group, Dokuga Awards.  Founded with the intention of supporting and encouraging authors and artists of the pairing Sesshoumaru/Kagome from the anime/manga InuYasha, Dokuga Awards has grown into a large community. 

To further enhance the community experience, Dokuga Fanfiction was born in April of 2008.  It features fanfiction and fanart in an accessible manner.  Users can interact with their favorite authors/artists through reviews or the forum, and said authors/artists can upload all their material into one place on the net. Our goal is to provide the Sess/Kag community with a single place to share their work and connect with others.

We currently provide support for fanfiction, fanart, forums, chat, awards, and private messaging.

On May 6, 2008, the administrator and founder of A-Single-Spark, Winter, announced that A-Single-Spark would eventually close its doors and enter into a partnership with Dokuga.com. A-Single-Spark was founded in 2001, and served as the sole pillar of the Sesshoumaru/Kagome community for many years. In the future, A-Single-Spark will be hosted and integrated into Dokuga so that fans can easily search the site's expansive archive of work.


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