A psychic miko by zodiak023

First encounter with a daiyoukai

In the darkness of a small one-bedroom apartment nothing stirred. A heartbeat started to pick up speed…thump-thump…thump-thump, a flash…small black and white sneakers with short stubby legs attached to the ankles and wearing red shorts on its hips. These legs were running fast, like something was chasing them or they were late for the school bus.

Thumb-thumb, thump-thump, another flash… a green sign on the post said McDowell St… thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump…another flash… a car honk screaming, almost drowning out a shrill scream of a young child…thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump…bang, a gunshot ripped through the daylight. Suddenly the silent, early morning hour was pierced by a long suction of air as if someone was being deprived of oxygen.

Inky long black tresses fell all over the place as a hand frantically patted down the bed as if it were searching for something, like it was a life-or-death situation. Once the hand landed on a pad of paper it pulled the pad to the black hairy tresses as another hand fumbled with the bedside lamp. When the light penetrated the darkness, a hand grabbed a pen and wrote furiously to capture everything she had dreamed on paper.

When the hand finally stopped scribbling as if it was do or die situation the black-haired woman took another breath. She laid the pad of paper to her side with the pen on top, and laid back down and closed her eyes, trying to will her heart from feeling like it would explode any minute. It was another kid, every dream she had lately seemed to come true, some kid was in trouble again and she had barely any hints to go on.

All she knew was the kid in red shorts and a pair of black and white sneakers would have a single gunshot in their little body and would be found on McDowell St., but she had no idea why or when or even by who. Slowly she ran her fingers through her hair as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes when she exhaled, she was just glad she had an appointment with her shrink in the morning.

She would finally reveal her dream journal as she liked to call it. The black-haired woman rolled over and screamed into her pillow, she couldn’t stand it, it wasn’t just one kid it had been three so far, and she couldn’t do anything to help them. The dying kids were taking a toll on her body, heart, and soul.

“Why God, if I am supposed to do something to help these kids, I need more to go off on!” the woman screamed into her pillow in frustration. She knew she wasn’t going back to sleep after that, and she knew the rest of the day would suck. Her job started at 9 am in the morning but before that she had an appointment with her shrink at 8 am, she trusted Ms. Yamaguchi enough that they were as close as sisters. The woman punched her pillow a few times then finally got up, she glanced at the clock, 12:45 am.

~Gotta get the blood flowing any way.~ the young woman thought to herself as she stumbled over empty beer bottles rattling together on the floor.  She drank whenever this… whatever this was when it actually occurred. Little kids almost always took everything out of her, and she would normally forget about it in the morning.

“I’ll wind up in a corner at the psych ward talking to invisible people sooner or later huh?” Kagome grumbled. She stumbled into the bathroom and turned the shower on, she suddenly broke down some more and hung her head,

“God, why do you do this to little kids. Why make me see this shit when I can’t do anything about it?” Kagome holding her head with both hands. She shut the water off and rushed to find her cell phone,

“Hey, Sango, l n-need you…I-I’m kind of freaking out.” Kagome calling her shrink.

“Who is this?” Sango asked in a groggy voice.

“I-Its Kagome, please, c-can you please come?” Kagome sobbed,

“Kagome, um, hey, yeah, um… give me a minute to get dressed and awake.” Sango rubbing her eyes, she looked over at the clock, it was 1 am in the morning.

“Jesus Kagome, what the hell is going on.” Sango grumbled.  When Sango came over and used the key under the flowerbed rock she shouted for Kagome. With the small apartment she didn’t have to look for long, she found her in the bathroom, red eyes, and dry tear tracks on her cheeks.

“Kagome, honey, oh sweetheart. What happened?” Sango getting down in front of her. Kagome gave her the note pad. Sango flipped through it and read some of the entries.

“Why haven’t you shown me this? Do you have any idea what this is?” Sango asked,

“I don’t wanna know. I want to get rid of this…I’m a freak Sango! I can’t handle seeing another kid lying in a ditch with no way to help them before they are killed! I won’t do it Sango!” Kagome shouted.

“You can help the police with this, you can help catch whoever is doing this!” Sango explained,

“No, they will think I am the murderer, that I had something to do with it. Besides, I don’t have enough information to help with anything.” Kagome sobbed.

“Come on, we need to go right now.” Sango dragging her out the front door and to her car.

“Its 3 am in the morning, where are we going?” Kagome asked while Sango shut her door, Sango got in and started the car,

“Its only 1:20.” Sango already driving,

“So where are we going?” Kagome asked, she wasn’t even given any time to grab a jacket, so she sat in the passenger seat in her spaghetti strap shirt and fuzzy bottom pj pants.

“Downtown, there is one guy always on duty. He never sleeps.” Sango explained,

“What?” Kagome confused,

“He is a daiyoukai. Kagome, I know how you feel about demons, but he does care in his own way.” Sango explained,

“Ha! You can’t be serious. A daiyoukai that cares. I must see this.” Kagome laughed as if it was a joke. She knew some things about demons and most didn’t give a rat’s ass about humans. When they finally pulled up, the guy she was talking about was coming out and locking the door,

“Hey, no, wait, Sesshomaru, wait…please. I got some info on those dead kids.” Sango barely having any time to stop the car and put it in park, Kagome just sat and watched the guy’s reaction. She noticed this daiyoukai was tall and his hair was a beautiful color, but with the dim streetlight reflecting off of it all she could tell was that his short hair was a very light color.

She watched as the demon didn’t bother to stop or turn around, as if he were as arrogant as he seemed to be with what appeared to be expensive clothing that he was wearing.

“Yep, they sure do care a lot.” Kagome grumbled, the next thing she knew the car door was ripped open and she was yanked out of the car and slammed onto the hood of the car. His face was so close to hers she could feel his warm breath against her skin.

“Do not assume I do not care for those kids.” the daiyoukai’s energy coming out in massive waves, strangling Kagome.

“Sesshomaru, get off her! She is the new lead on those kids!” Sango shouted, Kagome stared him down, her blue stormy eyes swirling with fury as she stared into those heated gold eyes. His hand was wrapped around her throat so tightly she could feel the claws piercing her skin around her neck.

Those blue eyes were captivating, so much that they held Sesshomaru’s attention just long enough for her reiki to zap him enough to throw him back onto the three inches of snow. Kagome rolled off the car hood that had a medium sized dent in it from Sesshomaru’s manhandling Kagome. She sucked in air as if her life depended on it, Sango ran to her,

“Jesus Christ Sesshomaru! You almost killed Kagome!” Sango cried out, she helped Kagome up, Sesshomaru slowly stood up, he rushed Kagome again, he bent her forcefully over the car hood again, and brought her hands behind her back,

“You attacked an officer, and you are now under arrest.” Sesshomaru seethed as he slapped the cuffs tightly onto her wrists.


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