Half human half.... by zodiak023

Chapter 1

She was a surfer, she was not just any surfer she was the queen of the waves on the coast of Japan and everyone in Japan would hear of her name and know her face by the end of summer. Her name was Kagome Higurashi, she was a straight A student in school and she was also on the surfing team in the summer.

She grew up in a shrine on a hilltop, her grandfather ran the shrine now since her mother had died. He had always told Kagome kooky old stories that were in the scrolls that had been past down in their family. Her favorite one wasn’t in the scrolls or at least that’s what she had gathered. The story was of a little girl who had been born to a merman and a human woman.

This little girl was human but somehow she had the ability to breathe underwater, her grandfather only knew of this information because of an accident the little girl had had when she was little. She had fallen into a swimming pool and the others nearby thought she was drowning, but when someone had jumped in to save her they could see her breathing and hear her giggling. Her grandfather had told her that he had witnessed the act himself.

The little girl’s father, the merman, never knew about her because the woman who loved the merman so much had drown trying to find him to tell him that she had had his daughter, the merman had gone missing. She was always told that if she stepped into the ocean’s waters he would be able to sense her, that’s when the woman had went crazy trying to find the merman and had drown.

The human woman knew he had loved her, she saw it in his actions, his words, the passion he had shown her during their love making. Supposedly, this half human, half mermaid little girl never knew she was who she truly was, least of all that her father was a king. Today was a nice sunny day, Kagome ran out of the house with her surf board in hand and swimming suit under her clothes, ready for a wind down from school when she heard her little cousin by the old well house.

“Sota, you know we aren’t supposed to be this close to the well.” Kagome walking over to him,

“Buyo is down there, my mom wanted me to feed him.” Sota seriously.

“Why not sit the food down, he will come out some time late, I’m sure he’s trying to hunt mice, that’s all.” Kagome going down into the well house.

“Cuz, you are going to get in trouble.” Sota whispered,

“It’s only because you want Buyo back, why don’t you come get Buyo yourself, there’s nothing down here but maybe mice.” Kagome sighed, not seeing the family cat.

“Are you sure he’s down here even?” Kagome not wanting to get grounded,

“I’m sure, I saw him go in there.” Sota explained,

“If I get grounded and can’t surf for a week, I am really going to have your head.” Kagome still hanging onto her board.

“Kags, look out, behind you!” Sota screaming,

“Like I am really going to fall for…ahhh!” Kagome screamed as a monster came through the well and grabbed her up and her board and pulled her down into the well.


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