To Bless The West by SnowyNight22

A Promise Kept

A cold wind blew through the trees whipping up powdery snow. The dark of the night encroached on the moonless sky. Stars twinkled above, so bright and mocking, as if to gloat their happiness. Pine trees stood tall and looming, laden with snow as Shippo entered the small clearing. His legs were shaky and his breathing quick as he approached the figure laying in the snow. “M-mama..?” His voice cracked as he lay his hand gently on her bloodied face. Her eyes were closed, a relaxed expression upon her pale, crimson speckled face. 

    His vision blurred as he took in the sight of Kagome, from the blood that stained her blue hakama nearly black, to the frost that had begun to form on her lashes. Even in death she was beautiful. Shippo felt his lips begin to quiver as the world faded into a blur, his hands guiding him as he nuzzled his mother's cheek. A low kneeing sound erupted from his mouth as his tears flowed down his cheeks, his hands wrapping around his mother's cold neck as he sobbed. It had happened again. Shippo was alone, all because he couldn’t protect his mother. 

    “Mama!” he wailed, digging his face into her collar, he cried, knowing there was nothing he could do. She was so still, and he could no longer hear her heart. His cries echoed loudly throughout the forest, the tall pines that surrounded them seemingly leaning forward as if to comfort the child. The dark night had a biting chill but he could not bring himself to care, the warmth of his mothers love was leaving him already, and he knew he could not go though this again. His entire body shook as he cried, the cold doing little to dampen his tears. “I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” The anguish and despair that gripped his chest tightened even further choking his breaths. 

“Oh my poor kit” a soft voice whispered behind him making him stiffen in fear. Shippo turned, tears fresh in his eyes as he tried to see who had spoken. His vision was too blurry. “Tell me my Shippo, what would you sacrifice for your mother?”

“Everything!” He didn’t hesitate, without Kagome, he wouldn’t even be alive. He was too distressed however, to notice that the soft spoken woman knew his name. He felt her approach more than saw due to his tears, and his tail ruffled on end. He bared his teeth, a growl coming from him as he stood defensively in front of his mother’s body.

 “Shh my kit, I will never harm you, but if you want your mother to live, we must hurry” Shippo froze, even his breath had stopped. The anguish that held him diminished slightly as hope started to take its place. Quickly wiping away his tears, he stiffened even more as his sight returned. Before him stood a woman bathed in gold, her face was sad as she looked down at him. That however, was not what got Shippo’s attention. She was a golden kitsune, and she had all nine of her tails. Shippo felt hope fill his belly at the sight, he remembered the tales his father spoke, and of the miracles that a golden kitsune could do.

 “Please!” He yelled out after his shock wore off, “please help my mother!”

 The woman nodded, her green eyes hardening in determination. “Are you willi-” 

“YES!” Shippo cut her off, knowing he was being rude but he was desperate to help his mother. The golden fox didn’t seem to mind as she smiled and nodded.

“This will hurt,” and before Shippo could reply, the golden kitsune breathed out a brilliant blue foxfire that swirled around his form. The blue fire shimmered as it engulfed him and entered through his mouth, eyes and nose. The path it trailed down to his core left a burn in its wake and shippo felt his bones begin to shift. He bared his teeth as the pain consumed him, hardly able to breathe. He felt himself falling, the magic of the fire almost too much to bare. To save your mother. He heard the woman's voice in his mind even as the pain consumed him. His flesh was burning. Mama! Mama! Mama!! He repeated in his mind. He would do anything for his mother! The pain vanished and Shippo cautiously opened his eyes. Everything seemed sharper, something he didn’t know was possible. The cold no longer cut into him and he was far, far taller than what he remembered. His first transformation. A whine escaped his throat as he turned back to his mother laying peacefully on the snow, oh how he wished she could have seen!

“You must go to the west, the fire will guide you” the woman pulled a shimmering golden scroll from her robes, “take this.” She placed it in his mouth and to his great curiosity, found the scroll to be made of metal. His eyes darted back to his mother and the woman smiled. “Listen to me and she shall be saved, you must be careful with how you run. If she touches the earth, your chance will be gone.” She spoke as she gently laid Kagome upon Shippo’s back, touching her palm to the miko’s forehead, she gave her blessing. She curved the miko’s cold hands into his fur, enchanting the kit so the miko would not fall. 

“The fire will tell you when to rise when the time is right. Until then, follow the flame west, but you must go now!” Her voice was commanding and with a nod of his head, Shippo raced ahead, following the brilliant blue flame as he had been told. 

The golden kitsune watched as the kit disappeared into the night, the flames she gave him would keep up his transformation until he arrived. 

“You meddle, Inari” the golden fox sighed at the sound of the voice.

 “Only some, only because it is right. Her love for him and his for her…” The golden fox, Inari, trailed off. “She has my blessing, for taking care of those that I call mine.” Inari felt no regret over it, she would help save Kagome.

 “Your claim on her is intact” Inari murmured afterward, remembering what she felt when she placed her hand on the woman.

“The time is coming” the voice spoke as a gentle breeze lifted Inari’s long, golden hair. She hummed her agreement, her spirit lifted.

 A laugh chimed around her as another gust of wind blew, “You may watch, you curious fox!” Inari smiled as she looked at the place the woman had been. All the snow was melted and the life of spring took hold in the small clearing. Soon though, without the other woman’s presence, it would be covered in snow once more. 


He didn’t know how long he had been running. He only knew that he had to keep going, faster, faster! His mother was upon his back, her body somehow staying on no matter how violently Shippo ran. He didn’t think about it though, he didn’t dare to think about anything but the blue flame. It was no longer as cold, snow still lay on the ground but the biting chill of the north was far behind him now, the weather here was closer to a winter in Edo. It was still dark, thankfully but he absently wondered at how much land he had covered in only a night.

 Suddenly and without warning, the blue flame slowly began to rise, higher and higher nearly leaving Shippo behind. He panted, the fog of his breath visible in the cold. As far as he knew, foxes could not fly. A whine escaped him as he tried to follow, willing himself with all his might, and to his great surprise, the blue fire that had entered him earlier began to form on his paws. Its shimmering blue enchanting him as it settled on him.  As he ran, he felt himself float to follow the flame, he was thankful that it worked out, but he didn't dare look down for the treetops were vanishing far below. Higher and higher he went until he burst from a cloud, his fur covered in dew. His green eyes widened and in his surprise, he nearly dropped the golden scroll. 

Before him lay a palace in the sky, its beauty was something to marvel at, but Shippo had no such time. Instead he focused his vision once more on the blazing blue flame and dove straight through the palace doors. As soon as he entered the flame abruptly died and Shippo skidded to a halt in the massive room, his lungs heaving for air.

 “I liked that door” He snapped his attention to the front of the room and he froze. On elevated steps stood a throne, a throne that was currently occupied by a woman who made his fur rise in fear. 

She was the spitting image of Sesshomaru, and for a moment, Shippo began to doubt. But he steeled his resolve, he would save his mother.

 “Come,” her voice was commanding, and Shippo whined even as he cautiously approached the silver demo, still panting.. She raised a dainty, clawed hand palm up as she waited for the scroll. Shippo hesitated but gave it up. Surely the fox knew she would help? He watched as the silver demoness broke the seal with a quick swipe and unrolled the scroll. The metal gleaming and shimmering even in the dark. All the while her composure had not changed, even with such a strange situation. Her Face was smooth and upon her brow framed by silver bangs, was the crescent moon of her house. While observing her Shippo began to calm his breathing, his legs began to shake and a shudder ran through him. With a ‘pop’ he transformed back into his humanoid form, Kagome’s body landing on top. He heaved as he moved to crawl from under her, trying not to think about why she was so cold. When he looked up he flinched at the sharp, golden eyes that bore into him. Shippo didn’t speak, he was too scared by her sharp look and he shivered unintentionally, feeling his tail fluff up in fear.

“When the kit of red fur comes, trailing a flame, you’ll know what to do” The demoness spoke softly, her eyes no longer harsh on the kit but instead far away. Her eyes focused and looked behind him, Shippo followed her gaze to his mother who was crumpled on the marble floor. He was still confused by what the demoness said and was about to ask, but she waved him off and he quieted, unwilling to stand up against such a strong demon. Instead he chose to watch as the demoness stood and placed the scroll on her throne, her pink and blue kimono trailing behind her regally as she approached his mother’s body.

“So be it, InuTaisho” the demoness raised her foot to roll Kagome over but she froze, spotting the mark on the woman's brow. “Kit” Shippo stiffened but looked up at her shyly as she put her leg back down.

“Who sent you.” Shippo paused, feeling as if there was a heavy weight in his answer but unsure why.

 “A-a Kitsune” he stuttered out. Her eyes narrowed fiercely and he gulped. Thinking his answer was insufficient he added “A golden kitsune…” he trailed off before gathering his courage. “She had all nine of her tails.” 

No sooner than he finished speaking did the color rain from the woman’s face and Shippo had a feeling it wasn’t a thing that happened often. Suddenly nervous, he scurried over to Kagome’s body and pushed her onto her back, ignoring the demoness behind him that seemed to be in shock. Instead he opted to smooth his mother’s long raven hair and pat her cheeks, feeling the tears begin to rise Shippo swallowed hard and continued to speak.

 “She said you could save my mama” Shippo whispered, as he gazed down at his mother's beautiful face. He furrowed his brows as he spotted a mark upon her forehead, a golden fox. For some reason, it tugged at his memories but he wasn’t quite sure where he had seen it before. Once he knew, with his father, but he didn't remember why. He jumped when the demoness spoke again, she was on her knees, a look of concern on her face as she stared at his mother.

“You can help her right?”

 Golden eyes glanced at him and the woman spoke, “I will do as instructed.”

Instructed? Was his mother’s death planned!? Shippo’s heart raced at the implication, a whine coming from his throat. 

A low tumbling growl resonated around him and he began to relax some, “come here kit.” The noise was coming from the demoness and he shyly padded over to her, fidgeting with his tail. She scooped him up and placed him on her lap, her comforting growl never stopping. “She will live” it was as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders and the kit sighed, suddenly eager.

“When?” He asked, his tone curious and impatient.

 A small hum of amusement left the silver demoness, “about now.” She moved her hands from his hair and lifted the large, heavy stone necklace she wore, placing it on his mother. Shippo waited, anxious as he began to play with the fine silk of the woman’s kimono, watching his mother for any signs of life. For a while nothing happened, but the demoness behind him didn’t seem worried so Shippo curved his impatience and bit his cheek, daring to hope. 

Blue eyes snapped open and Kagome took in a sharp breath, her chest heaving as she gulped down air. Her blue eyes darted around until they landed on Shippo, her face scrunched in anguish.

 “Oh my Shippo!” Without a second thought, Shippo launched himself at his mother and began to cry, his wails echoing around the grand hall.

“Mama! Mama-” he cut himself off as he choked back his tears, “I thought you were gone!” Kagome held her weeping kit, her own eyes trailing tears.

“Shhh, it’s ok, I’m here. Mama has you shhh.” She cooed as she held her kit to her chest, glancing around at her surroundings. She gasped as her eyes landed on the demoness before her, having seen her at the western fortress in some of her travels to visit Rin. 

“Lady mother” Kagome murmured, her brows furrowing. Not one to take a gift in the mouth, Kagome nodded her head at her “thank you.” 

“Hn.” Kagome cracked a smile.

“My stone, mik-” The demoness cut herself off. “Kagome.” Blue eyes widened in shock. “You know me?” The raven haired girl breathed, stilling as she gazed upon the gorgeous demoness. She simply raised a silver brow and Kagome blushed, scooting Shippo back some so she could give her back the necklace she wore. 

Inukimi stood and placed her necklace back on as she glided back to her throne. The demoness paused, finding it silly to sit there now as she glanced back at the young woman. The kit she held had fallen asleep, his run and gift of power having taken a toll on his small body.

 “Are you aware” she spoke low, only loud enough for a demon to hear. That question would give her the answers she needed even if Kagome wasn’t aware. Mortal ears would not hear. 

“A little.”

Inukimi felt her heart skip a beat, and she turned back to the woman. She was aware she was dead, but that wasn’t the question the demoness was asking and Kagome knew. Had she known? Her golden eyes pierced into blue and she saw the turmoil of emotions within them. Sadness, relief and oddly enough, despair. No, she hadn’t known. “You gave your life for your kit” she murmured, seeing no other way that the kit could have harbored such guilt. His jaki had been fluctuating madly with it.

 “I did” the raven haired woman confirmed.

Inukimi hummed as she felt respect grow in her for the woman. She saved her kits life, fully expecting to stay dead. Perhaps that was why Inari had granted the miko her favor. “What do you know” Kagome hesitated and Inukimi waved it off, motioning towards her throne where the golden scroll sat. 

“I have been somewhat informed” but really she hadn’t been. Her duty had bound her to do what she could. She had fully expected the miko to stay dead, after all, the meido stone should not have worked. Gold eyes landed on the kit briefly and Inukimi was in fact relieved that the woman lived, the confident answer she had given the kit held true. Even if it wasn’t stated in the scroll though, Inukimi could not ignore the power the woman now held. The air around her shone and Inukimi found herself compelled to give the miko Kagome all her respect. The very fibers of her being seemingly screaming for the miko’s approval. It was not a new feeling. She had felt it before, long, long ago when she was a young pup that wished to make her sire proud. That feeling alone told her all she needed. 

 “I see” the raven haired woman muttered, gaze sharp as her eyes darted from the scroll back to her. As the demoness waited for her to sort her thoughts, she gazed at the golden fox now adorned on her brow, watching in fascination as it slowly faded away. She was sure though, that whatever blessing the young woman had received would remain. Her golden eyes landed on the kit once more and she let the corner of her lips rise slightly. 

“All I know is what I am” Kagome murmured, her eyes far away in memories. Inukimi let out a sigh of relief, that was a start. She watched as Kagome stood, her black hair tumbling down to her thighs. The blue hakama she wore stuck to her leg, and the haiku was covered in more blood, but it was only her clothes that held the reminders of her death. Her skin was unmarred and held a slight glow, her blue eyes seemed brighter even they had their own glow. Overall, she seemed to be her own light source, her power shimmering just under the surface.

The demoness hummed, and turned to face the now standing woman. It felt odd in her own home, but the demoness lowered herself to the ground and gave a deep bow. She would not shame her line for acting improper in front of a kami. New or not. She hadn’t done so at first, unsure if the girl herself knew, but with the confirmation she humbled herself before the goddess.

 “Rise, Inukimi” the demoness could nearly hear the girls frown in her voice but knew it was not because of something she specifically did. “Will I need to get used to that too?” Kagome murmured, her eyes sad. 

“This one is sure of it, Kagome-sama.” Inukimi spoke once she had risen fully, gathering her furs around herself to straighten her clothes out. She knew of Kagome, the Shikon miko and all of her deeds. She was a powerful priestess, but now Inukimi stood unsure if that was still true. It seemed like the girl herself did not know. 

“This one must inform the other lords.” Gold eyes watched as Kagome groaned, her head falling into her sleeping kits hair as she clung to him. She could have sworn she heard a ‘why meee’ but chose not to comment. With a shaky breath the miko- no, kami- nodded in understanding. 

“Some of it was explained, and though I had hoped to keep it a secret, I am aware of your duty” A silver eyebrow rose in question, regarding the new kami with interest. She did not know what she commanded, but she had no desire to anger her for fear of her lands.

 “I would not threaten you for protecting what is yours.” She stilled, wondering if the woman could hear her thoughts.

 “Sorry, I don’t know how to turn it off” She laughed, not at all bothered by the new kami that stood before her.

“All is well, it could prove useful.” With a nod to the kami, she spoke again “do you require a bath Kagome-sama?” The woman nodded vigorously, an eager light in her eye. Inukimi held in her mirth as she nodded regally, calling a servant with her jaki. 

“The servants will tend to your every need, forgive me but I must depart soon.” Kagome nodded and gave her a kind smile, the light reaching her eyes as she spoke

 “I am most thankful, Inukimi,” Kagome hesitated, and the demoness watched her curiously. “You honor your line.”

Warmth spread across the demonesses chest as she regally nodded her head and smiled.

 “This one thanks you.” 

“And to show it” Kagome continued, a determined light entering her eyes, “I shall bless your house with a gift.” Inukimi suddenly wondered how ‘little’ Kagome knew if she offered such. A blessing to their line was paramount to being accepted by that kami themself and Inukimi felt her chest swell with pride.

“When you stand before the other lords, wear this as a sign of my acceptance, and pass it down to each first born in your line when they are ready for a mate.”

 Kagome extended one of her hands out to her, and Inukimi knew for a fact that the woman had held nothing in it besides the sleeping kit prior to extending her arm out. Almost hesitantly, she raised her hand and Kagome opened her palm, revealing a single long, white stone that shone with energy. It’s cut was simple, a long, white rectangle the size of her finger with a triangular point on the end. It was attached to a necklace made of pure platinum and Inukimi was in awe, not from the stone nor the chain, but from the energy the gift contained.

 “A blessing of fertility.” Kagome whispered shyly.

She was frozen, her hand hovering above the stone. Her eyes darted up to the new kami, the warmth in her brilliant blue eyes made emotions swell in the demonesses’ chest. It was not uncommon to be affected so by the kami. She glanced back at the stone, unwilling to admit that even as a mortal, the woman had grown on her.

She stared at the stone, her brow furrowing. It seemed that the new kami was well aware of the issues her line had felt, with this they would not die out. She would not be one of the last silver female inuyokai. Her lip nearly trembled, the legacy of her clan would continue. Her heart swelled in gratitude and with great care, she took the necklace from the kami’s hand, humbled and awed. Her hand accidentally brushed against her skin and Inukimi felt her warmth enter her, it trailed its way up her arm and hit her chest. The warmth was brief but she felt the goddesses’ compassion enter her heart and she couldn't help but gasp quietly.

“You are a good person, Inukimi. Do not let the past write your future.” And just like that, kagome turned away and walked towards the end of the hall where her servants waited. 

She heard Kagome groan and glanced up towards her, nodding approvingly as her servants bowed deeply to the kami. She didn't even have to warn them. With a smile, she placed the necklace on and hid it under her kimono, securing it under a small barrier. It would not do to have others know about it. Not yet at least. After all, Inukimi desperately wanted to watch the faces of the other lords as they realized the west had the blessing of a kami. With barely contained excitement, she rushed through the broken throne room doors and wrapped her energy around her, speeding off to the west. 


Golden eyes narrowed as he glared down at the messenger in front of him. “Well?” He barked, impatient. The messenger swallowed nervously, his black hair styled in a high ponytail fell to his left as he bowed his head.

“I lost her scent,” He hesitated knowing his lord was displeased already. “Her trail ended in blood.” 

“Out” the messenger didn’t need to be told twice.

 Sesshomaru watched with hardened eyes as the inuyokai fled in fear. Once again alone in his study, he sighed in worry. He wasn’t sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, Sesshomaru had come to care for the silly girl. It was for Rin, he told himself. Ignoring the anxiety that was building in his chest. The miko was strong, she would be fine. He took in a deep breath and leaned back in his chair, the paperwork forgotten. Rin will be upset he mused, ignoring the ache in his own heart. His eyes narrowed, the betrayal of the organ not going unnoticed. The miko had visited the west often throughout the years, at first it had been bothersome, but he held his tongue because he could see the joy the miko and kitsune brought Rin. He wasn’t sure when, but with all her antics Sesshomaru found it hard not to tease her, and eventually, he came to…. trust her. He admitted it to himself again, he trusted the miko, for he would never leave Rin in anyone’s care without certainty that she would be safe.  A sharp knock on his door nearly made him groan but he bit it back and straightened, relaxing his face into his mask of indifference.

 “Enter,” the door was flung open and a frantic Jaken stumbled in.

“My lord!!” He screeched and Sesshomaru nearly cringed at the volume.

“Jaken, I’m in no mood” he glowered as he pinned the water imp with his coldest stare, his eyes flashing red in warning.

Jaken froze immediately and flew to the floor in a bow, for once getting straight to the point. “L-l-l-lord S-S-Sesshomaru! Y-your honored mother requests an i-immediate audience!”

Sesshomaru had stood and was flying out the door when he heard Jaken say ‘request’. His mother never requested anything from him, she simply took it. He flew down the hallways at rapid speeds, his servants scrambling to move out of his way. With a snap of a door he stopped at his throne room, golden eyes hard as he stared down at his mother who wasted no time.

“We must gather the council at once!” He froze for a moment, slightly taken aback at her tone. It was commanding yet almost held a tinge of excitement. 

His suspicions were immediately aroused but he motioned for a servant to do just as his mother instructed. Jaken would know what to do.

He stared at his mother, waiting for an explanation as the demoness began to pace. He raised a brow, his mother did not pace. She stopped abruptly and motioned for him to come closer, as he did, he felt her barrier rise around them. He blamed his dog side for his curiosity, but knew deep down that it must have been truly important if it was only for their ears. 

His mother gazed at him, her golden eyes sharp as she spoke “our line will forever prosper.” His expression did not change but he felt confusion fill him. The silver inuyokai were rare, what had changed? Sensing this, his mother continued.

 “A new kami was made.” Even he could not hold back his surprise as his eyes widened.

 “And for helping her, she blessed our house with a gift” his breath caught as he watched his mother draw a necklace from her kimono, it had its own barrier. Smart, he thought. No others would sense it, for he knew anything touched by the energy of a kami was sacred. Coveted. She dropped the smaller barrier and a single long rectangular stone was held in her hand. It was tipped at the end and held by a platinum necklace; the whole stone was about the size of her finger. The jewels monetary value was not his interest though, he watched as the stone pulsed with power and his mother gestured for him to raise his hand over it.

 Doing as instructed, Sesshomaru closed his eyes and focused on the energy it gave. It was warm as it brushed against his hands and the energy tugged at memories, memories of being a pup content with a full belly watching his sire’s city blossom to what it was today. He furrowed his brows intrigued as he dug deeper. His mother's patience was welcome. He sorted through the memories, trying to discern what he felt and at last the strongest pull came from a memory of one of his generals, announcing the birth of his pup. His eyes snapped open and gold met gold.

“Fertility” Inukimi breathed, and Sesshomaru watched astounded as his mother threw her head back and laughed. His own emotions reeling. It seemed today, nothing would be ordinary. He didn’t remember the last time he heard his mother laugh without a care in the world. 

“When it comes time for you to mate” Inukimi spoke with mirth and hope in her voice. “It shall be yours. Your litter will be plentiful!” It was a weight that was lifted from his shoulder and Sesshomaru breathed deeply, letting his mother know just how much he was affected.

 “Forever” Inukimi repeated. Their line would last forever. 

“A shrine” He spoke without really thinking it through, but what better way to honor the god that had given them such life. Literally.

 His mother nodded in agreement, “it shall be best the west has to offer. I care not for how it looks to our castle, but it must put our home to shame.” He understood her without a doubt even though his pride stung a little. It was a small price to pay for the gift they had received. Whenever someone would walk on his grounds, his castle would be the second best building. He will make sure no other of his line would dare to outdo the shrine, they would humble themselves before this new kami the best way they knew how. Their pride. He looked at his mother and she met his gaze nodding regally. She understood. 

“How” they had gotten ahead of themselves. There were still many questions to be asked. His mother hesitated but after a moment she relented.

“Your father knew this would happen” she whispered, and Sesshomaru didn’t know if he should be surprised at his father's meddling. 

“When the kit of red fur comes, trailing a flame, you’ll know what to do” his mother’s hand was placed upon the meido stone her eyes far away. She smiled sadly then, focusing on him once more. “I told him the day could never come, kits cannot transform”

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. “He had help then” His mother nodded, her golden eyes glancing up before looking back down at him. “Inari-kami blesses her brow” Sesshomaru found himself once again surprised. That could only mean… “She is not a minor kami then”

His mother's brows furrowed slightly as she recalled her memories, deep in thought. “At first, I had thought, but the blessing, the power…” She trailed off shaking her head. “She has high favor.” 

“I know not who she hails from,” she continued. 

“Hn.” he murmured. 

“I almost didn’t listen,” his mother admitted in a whisper. Sesshomaru nearly cringed. “She was mortal, and though I don’t care either way for them I was curious. It was only when I saw her brow did the scroll make sense”

“Scroll?” Sesshomaru inquired, motioning for his mother to follow him back to his study but to keep the barrier up. He flared his jaki, clearing the halls, everyone knew he was not to be interrupted.

“Hai, I shall show you when we are out of sight.” 

The walk to his study was brief, both of them were eager to discuss the news. Sesshomaru a bit more so, he needed a distraction from the worry he felt for the miko. Worry. He mentally scoffed even as he felt the emotion chip into his heart. He smoothed his features stubbornly. 

Once inside his study he snapped the door shut and placed his own barrier over the room, his mother lowering hers. She sat at a simple low, mahogany table off to the side and Sesshomaru followed suit, taking his place on a fine red cushion. From her furs Inukimi pulled out a scroll that shone of gold and glittered as if crystals were etched into the metal itself. She placed it down on the table gently and pulled at the red tassels that hung on both ends, opening the scroll. The words were written into the metal itself, an etching of fine kanji. She motioned for Sesshomaru to read as she turned it his way. 

Remember your promise.

Sesshomaru could no longer blame his mother for nearly disgracing herself and her line before the new kami. That was nothing to go off of. 

“Duty compelled me, but I was reluctant.”


“I knew you’d understand” she murmured before continuing. “She does not know her domain yet, but I have my suspicions. Tell me my son, what did you feel from the stone?” He said nothing for a bit, studying the mahogany table before him as he thought of the memories that were pulled. He felt no shame in speaking of it, the kami were nothing to feel shameful about nor the way they made you feel. It was expected, really. No one could hide who they were from them, even Sesshomaru.

“I was a pup, my belly was full and my heart was in awe, watching my father’s hand guide our land to prosperity.” He paused, recalling the other one “And my general, announcing the birth of his pup.” His mother nodded, a light in her eye as she smiled. “Just as I thought.” He waited for her to continue. 

“The fertility of the stone pulled your memory of your general, for me it was the birth of my pup.” She smiled sadly. “The other memory it gave me, was nearly the same as yours. Standing by my mate, and watching the lands and city flourish.” Hey eyes widened then, and she snapped her gaze back to Sesshomaru. “We were prospering greatly…” she trailed off and gasped as she understood.

 “Sesshomaru!” She spoke with excitement, her eyes wide. Sesshomaru committed her face to memory, he was sure he would not see her this excited until another eon had passed. “She is the kami of prosperity!”

 It made sense. The contentment and thirst for life he felt as a pup in that memory went all to well with the word his mother described. “A strong goddess indeed” he murmured. She hummed in agreement, holding his gaze as an understanding sparked between them. Or, a terrible enemy. 

“You have done well, mother, you make the west proud.” Her name would be remembered even long after both of them were gone. She was solely responsible for the luck of the west. Not only had his mother received the favor of a kami to their house, but it was a kami of prosperity. A strong goddess that would not only watch over their lands but made sure it flourished even more than it already was. He was proud of his mother.

She nodded regally, once again gaining her composure. “Sesshomaru there is something I must say.” She hesitated for a moment and his mouth went dry, surly there could be no more big news?

“She-” his mother swallowed as she cut herself off. Sighing she continued. “You know her.”

 He froze, fear creeping into his chest. He didn’t remember treating fawning females particularly well. Internally he cringed but on the outside, he simply closed his eyes in… in he didn't know what. But now it seemed the consequences of his actions would catch up to him.

“She is very forgiving,” his mother whispered. “Highly spirited, full of compassion, and has adopted an orphaned fox, the fox of red fur.” He had stopped breathing as he stared down at his mother in shock.

“The miko.” It wasn’t a question, and the nod of his mother’s head was unnecessary as Sesshomaru closed his eyes in shame. Their first meeting. He already regretted what he had done once he got to know the miko more, but now… he couldn’t even put it into words.

 “My actions are my own, the west will not suffer for it.”

 Inukimi shook her head, her silver ponytails swaying gently across her silk-clad shoulder. “No, she has blessed the west. I believe Sesshomaru, that you have already been forgiven.”

He nearly snarled and his eyes flashed red. He took a deep breath, calming himself as he dug his nails into his palms. It was not enough. He had treated the miko horribly, and though she was a ….friend of his now, with how often she visited Rin, he could not forgive himself as easily as she had done. He was planning on slowly making it up to her through her years, engaging her more to show that he found her favorable to be around but now it seemed that that chance was lost to him. Gathering his thoughts, he was about to speak when he felt Jaken approach. He lowered the barrier and motioned for his mother to wait.

 “Jaken!” he snapped, forcing the imp to waddle to the door faster before opening it. Jaken’s bulbous eyes peeked through the door first as he fell over himself in his hurry.

“My lord! The council has been summoned!” Sesshomaru blinked and glanced outside the widow, it was mid noon now.

“This one shall be there shortly.” With a bow, Jaken closed the door and scampered off, the slapping of his feet as he ran down the hall fading away.  

“We must go, the council will not appreciate our tardiness in such a matter.” His mother stood and he followed suit.

 “Hn. They should grovel before you for all you have accomplished.” A small smile adorned his mother's face before she smoothed her features and followed him out.


Sunlight filtered through the open windows of the council room, illuminating the rectangular granite table. Sesshomaru sat at the head, his chair made of heavy wood and carved with exquisite designs. He paid it no mind, instead staring ahead impassively as he observed the others in the room. To his right, his mother sat perfectly still, a picture of poise and grace as she held her head up confidently. To his left, his most trusted general sat with his arms crossed across his chest as he leaned back in his chair. His features were plain, but his eyes were a sharp green as he studied everyone else in the room. He wore the uniform of the west, the white unblemished under the armor. On each shoulder a crescent moon was engraved, the symbol of the west. His red hair was worn in a low ponytail at the nape of his neck and long bangs tramed his face. Six others sat before him, each inuyokai had black hair save a few who had some silver mixed in. They were old, older than Sesshomaru an his mother, though not by too much. They had been appointed to the council when the west was newly forged under the care of his sire. 

He didn’t bother looking them over, they always ignited his ire and he was loath to be here. Instead, he watched as a few began to shift in impatience as the minutes flew by, Sesshomaru waited to make his announcement, setting them all on edge. Save for his mother. When he was content with their discomfort he spoke bluntly and to the point.

“A new kami has been created” he watched as a collective gasp escaped the demons in the room, only he and his mother were unaffected. The silence that followed was broken almost immediately as voices rose in question and disbelief. With a hard glare he quieted them down, picking a few questions that had been shouted in the uproar. 

“We are sure of her creation,” he nodded towards his mother. “That one has secured her blessing.” All eyes shifted to his mother including his own, nodding for her to speak. His mother sat calmly, and indifferent as she addressed the council.

 “She came to me mortal, her body carried by a red kitsune.” Sesshomaru fought to keep his expression bored, as his mind raced with thoughts. Body? The miko had died!? He clenched his jaw, remembering the message he had been relayed ‘her trail ended in blood’. Sesshomaru discreetly gripped the arms of his chair as his mother continued.

 “InuTaisho saw this. This one had given him a promise, and duty compelled me to the mortal's body.” His mother mentioned nothing of her hesitance nor her near slip. Good, the thought. “A kit of red fur trailing a blue flame” his mother's eyes snapped to his general. “Tell me kitsune, when was your first transformation?”

 His general straightened on his left, addressing his mother with a nod “I was 150, lady mother.” 

“The kit carrying her was no older than 65.” He saw his general’s eyes widen in shock and concern. “The kit is well,” his mother cut him off and the general nodded in thanks. “He had help, Inari-sama had given him her flame.” A choked gasp escaped his general and normally Sesshomaru would have reprimanded such, but given the situation he could not blame the fox. His own emotions had been in turmoil over such news.

“This one asked him of such, and he said a golden kitsune of nine tails helped him find his way to this one’s palace.” She paused and looked at his general, “It seemed, he was unaware of who she was.” His general nodded, not blaming the kit. What confused him though, was why a kit was with a mortal but he didn’t dare ask. 

“When this one went to place the meido stone on her, the mark of the fox made itself known on her brow. Not only is she now a kami, but she has high favor.” The room was completely silent, each demon staring at his mother with wide eyes as they silently urged her to continue. “The meido gave her life. This one is unsure how, but it is known that her soul had not left her body.” Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes slightly at that, his interest piqued.  

“Upon her waking, she blessed the house of the west.” His mother pulled the chain from her kimono and dropped her barrier. Sesshomaru watched as the demons leaned forward eagerly to catch a glimpse of what she held. His mother lowered the barrier around the stone and the power it gave off drifted through the room. It pulsed in power, distorting the air around it and Sesshomaru wondered at the power it gave off.

“A strong kami indeed” a voice at the end of the table sounded but he ignored the councilman in favor of listening to his mother.

 “A blessing of fertility for the silver inuyokai.”  The silence was so great that Sesshomaru could hear the pattering of webbed feet down several halls. Jaken was the only one who was so loud in his palace, save Rin. 

“We must honor her.” Inukimi continued when it was clear that every demon was enchanted by the power the necklace gave off. “We are strong, but most importantly, we are proud.” She continued, glancing at him for permission. He nodded.

“We shall humble ourselves before her with our pride” The demoness continued. No one argued. Everyone was well aware of the significance the blessing gave. “She shall be honored in the west for eternity, for she has honored our father’s fathers and any who will come from our line.” The house of the west had been blessed, the silver inuyokais had been blessed. 

“A shrine will be built on the grounds; it will be at the center of the entrance. No other work may ever outdo her home.” Sesshomaru spoke in a low voice full of steel. He would not be swayed. To his relief, the elder men of his council bowed their heads in acceptance, the others following suit.

 “Lady mother, from who does she hail from?” His general asked as he gazed at the spot where the necklace was once held.

“This one is not sure, but her domain, not yet known to herself, is strong.” His mother paused, making sure she had the undivided attention of everyone in the room before she spoke. Sesshomaru nearly smiled as he watched his mother wait for the tension to build before continuing. “Her domain is prosperity. Of that this one is certain.” 

Sesshomaru was inwardly amused at the faces of his men, their eyes widening in shock before he saw excitement enter each of their eyes. This was an odd day indeed.

 “The west will prosper!” One of his councilman’s voice boomed out, startling the others as he stood and faced Sesshomaru. Gold eyes met black as the elder man nodded his head to Sesshomaru, “this one requests to get started right away, my lord.” 

“As you please.” Without a second thought the demon swiftly walked out, barking orders down the halls. When the door slid shut once more he eyed the rest of them. “Bring the other lords with haste. Kuro, stay.”

The councilmen stood and bowed, “It shall be done” one spoke. It didn’t matter who, they all knew what role they were to fulfil.

The room was quiet once more as Sesshomaru glanced down at his general, “Kuro, you shall escort this one’s mother back to her palace. Your duty, is to the new kami.” He felt his general freeze in shock, his green eyes impossibly wide. Swiftly he composed himself and bowed his head deeply from his seated position.

“You honor me, my lord.” 

“Do not disgrace the west” with that, Sesshomaru stood and left the room, there was much to be done.



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