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Lauren (Chapter 11) - Tue 05 Jul 2022

A lot happening and it seems like a lot is being set up in this chapter. It only makes sense for Sango and Miroku to stay home. They have kids to look after and a town to rebuild. It's more entertaining when Sesshomaru can interact with Kagome unhindered anyway. 


Oy, silly Rin! How could she forget who she came into the house with?! Now they have to tell Inuyasha before everything is concrete. Hopefully that doesn't play into You-Know-Who's plan for them. Evil thing, twisting their love and lives. 


Well, hope you're doing well and that the plot bunnies aren't attacking too much. 

Elle Jene (Chapter 11) - Mon 27 Jun 2022

I adore this story! Love whenever you update! 

L (Chapter 11) - Mon 27 Jun 2022

So happy to see this update. The story is phenomenal! So happy to see the way everything is playing out. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 11) - Sun 19 Jun 2022

Thank you for the update wasn't sure if you abandoned the story or not.  Glad you didn't loved the chapter by the way.  Using the man to make Sesshomaru jealous was a good idea however, forgetting Inu Yasha was one mistake to many wonder how Sesshomaru's mother will fix this before inu yasha leaves.

Elle Jene (Chapter 10) - Wed 27 Apr 2022

I love this story! Take as much time as you need! 

Jennifer (Chapter 10) - Thu 21 Apr 2022

Please update soon!!

TAN (Chapter 3) - Sun 27 Mar 2022


SmilingFool (Chapter 10) - Sat 26 Mar 2022

So it was her doing this to Kagome.....  Although I don't know why Izanami has it out for Kagome?  Was it because she was fated to become Kami or does this all spin from jelousy?   Glad you finallly update been forever and we know you have a life that has needs as well.  Hopefully a chapter will be out sooner than later.

Avi (Chapter 9) - Tue 18 Jan 2022

I loved reading this! Can't wait to see their relationship develop! Keep writing!!

James1996 (Chapter 9) - Wed 12 Jan 2022

Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.

Lauren (Chapter 9) - Sun 26 Dec 2021

I think this was my favorite chapter yet. There were some details from the past that were uncovered, but the pace was perfect and you covered several scenes, focusing on a few characters' emotions. It was nice to see. Love that you tied in the shrine in the future into the story. We had no idea why someone would put a roof on a well house, but now it makes sense. Scary how the past is so set in stone.


Who is sending these yurei to spy on Kagome? Who hates Inari-sama? And now that Kagome has take possession of her family shrine, will she stay a few days longer? Request that a house be built where hers is in Tokyo? Will she mark the Goshinboku as sacred now or later?


Hoping Rin and Inuyasha don't run into too much trouble back home. He has to prove himself, but they have enough on their plate as is. 


Loving this story so far. Hope you're having a fantastic Christmas/Holiday season, and that you have a safe and happy new year.

Lauren (Chapter 2) - Mon 20 Dec 2021

Hunted. That makes sense. Now to figure out who is upset with Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, and/or Inari. That'll be a long list. 

Lauren (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Dec 2021

An interesting beginning. Who attacked Kagome? Why aren't they investigating that first? How long has it been since she came back to the past? Why were she and Shippo alone and where were they going?



Sayuri (Chapter 9) - Mon 20 Dec 2021

Such an amazing story. I just couldn't leave it! I read it till I reached the end of it! Thank you so much for such a great work!

Guest (Chapter 9) - Sat 18 Dec 2021

I'm very happy to see Inuyasha on a path to redemption! 

Cherry Black (Chapter 9) - Sat 18 Dec 2021

I was excited to see the new chapter.  I love seeing Kagome being a Mom to Shippo and Rin.  I have such a soft spot for it.  I appreciate you taking the time to update, :).

Mistress (Chapter 9) - Fri 17 Dec 2021

As always I'm blown away at this story.. keep up the good work I love how things are moving along 

Hope to see more soon 

Kida Kitsune (Chapter 9) - Tue 14 Dec 2021

Thank you thank you for this wonderful chapter! That was most beautiful!! Happy Holidays!!

Kit (Chapter 8) - Sun 03 Oct 2021

Love it so far!! Please keep writting

Kit (Chapter 8) - Sun 03 Oct 2021

Love it so far!! 

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