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KShadeslady (Chapter 8) - Mon 13 Jun 2022

This was a wonderful chapter. I love how the brothers have bonded. Haine's mother took her hate for her father out on Seeshomaru and Haine. Thanks for all the background story. 

Anonymous (Chapter 8) - Sun 12 Jun 2022

Sesshomaru is falling in love!!!!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 8) - Sun 12 Jun 2022

Sorry I didn't leave a review for the last chapter hopefully this makes up for it....


I found a story so different from all the others without the same ole plot of a triangle relationship or battles of long ago made new.  This story is amazing so simple yet so heartfelt that I can't help but read it over and over until I see a new chapter.  The field trip to the aquirium was so thought out and I believe it helped bind Sesshomaru and Kagome as something clearly undefined that hopes are kept and dreams can be made with a little help from the former Shikon no Miko.

Now I loved the chat Sesshomaru had with himself realising his son meant more to him than the land of his fore fathers.  He shown a side he would never have in the past for his part in it all I am glad it only took a few years than centuries for him to realize what was important.  The picture you painted of him reading the book to Haine was beautifully done.  I loved it, truly a remarkable piece of work.  I enjoyed the thought of Kagome's eyes looking down at him saying "It'll be okay."  Her belief gave him hope he didn't have which also endeared Kagome to him and Haine even more without him even knowing.  Then to wrap the evening up with a drink with his brother Inu Yasha.  Can't wait to read more...  

Thank you for what you have written thus far. 

docsgirl4 (Chapter 8) - Sun 12 Jun 2022

I love how Sesshomaru has a good support system between his mom and Inuyasha. I look forward to reading the next scene. Thanks for the update :)

SmilingFool (Chapter 6) - Sun 12 Jun 2022

I love this story I normally read on AO3 but when I saw it here I couldn't help myself...  I just had to read the chapters....  I really hoped Sesshomaru would have gave Haine's mother and grandfather more feral type of threats but it was all good...  Can't wait to see what happens next.

Lauren (Chapter 7) - Thu 09 Jun 2022

That was somehow, so much worse than I'd thought. I understand the desperation, but did Sesshomaru really ignore 300 red flags just to say he had his land back? There has to be more to this, like a loneliness aspect or something... What a horrifying little man. Couldn't he just kill the geezer and throw some money at that twat, and just have his land? Poor Haine... I hope he never finds out. 

Lauren (Chapter 6) - Thu 09 Jun 2022

Ah, so she hates yokai. That's what I was worried about when you first mentioned that Haine could transform so early (that would freak out a bigot). What the hell are her father's plans that he'd force her to get married and have kids with one? He's not living any longer, and she obviously has no other siblings, but also isn't acting as expected in order to remain at least the picture of a dutiful wife. 


Hoping the excursion to the aquarium helps Sesshomaru bond with the baby. He's already so much happier, even if it's temporary. Fingers crossed they don't run into any trouble.

MissKillington (Chapter 7) - Thu 09 Jun 2022

This is just the cutest! A great mix of slow paced friendship, history and exploring childhood trauma. Love the old gentleman scene. What a cute moment. And the juxtaposition of how they corrected assumptions is both sly and coy on your part! Makes me want to keep reading to see how things go progress! 

Lauren (Chapter 5) - Thu 09 Jun 2022

Really liking this story so far. Haine sounds adorable! I'm very creeped out by that old man and I don't want to think about what abuse he's visited on his daughter to make her agree to this meeting.


Maybe Kagome can help Haine decorate his room and the fridge. Here's hoping

KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Wed 08 Jun 2022

I really love this story. You have blended history and fiction very well and developed an intriguing back story. Thank you for updating. 

Lillmaru (Chapter 1) - Wed 08 Jun 2022

This story makes me want to cry. I really hope it doesn't take too long for them to come together. 

docsgirl4 (Chapter 7) - Wed 08 Jun 2022

Now we know why all this came about. I had been waiting for this chapter. I wonder what Kagome will do with this information. Thanks for the update. I look forward to the next one :)

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 6) - Sun 05 Jun 2022

Oho! This one is a good story~ I certainly love your potrayal of Sesshomaru and knowing his perspective is awesome~ Kagome is very well written, as in her attitude and thoughts feel genuine in joy and warmth, and little Haine is so adorable! His past his past must be truly... something, if his maternal family and own mother's interactions so far are any indication...


It's time Kagome steps foward and teach everyone how to be a role mother and caring wife~!! 

zodiak023 (Chapter 6) - Sun 05 Jun 2022

Such a very interesting story can not wait to learn more about sesshomarus ex and if kagome will be with sessy and his cute little haine

witty (Chapter 6) - Sat 04 Jun 2022

You answered a lot of the questions I had about his wife. I assumed she was disgusted to have a hanyou and I was curious about her aging. I hope sesshomaru goes with them to the aquarium!

Nicole (Chapter 6) - Sat 04 Jun 2022

I really enjoyed this story. As always very well written 

KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Fri 03 Jun 2022

Really nice chapter. Her family comes off as cruel and grasping. I feel they would only use Haine as a way to get what they want. Money and power or worse. Nice to see a little chaos in Seeshomaru's life when he returns home. 

Madam_CocoNut (Chapter 6) - Thu 02 Jun 2022

And I'm really curious about what is going on with him... maybe some strange magic/spell or is it simply stress. Either way his attraction To Kagome is strong and progressing very fast. The possibility's are endless. ????


Madam_CocoNut (Chapter 6) - Thu 02 Jun 2022

Loving the story so far! Can't wait for more!!

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Wed 01 Jun 2022

Wonderful chapter. His exes family sounds like a real joy. Ugh... he better break out the lawyers, it's going to be ugly. Sweet how he forgot his glamour getting Haine ready for school. 

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