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Shelika Trevino (Chapter 8) - Thu 13 May 2021

I came to the end of this story way too fast ???????????? I really like the storyline !!!! Few people have done the whole "kagome turning into a Kami" but they over do her persona to the point where she's not even herself. Thank you for keeping their characters as close as possible ??

Drea (Chapter 8) - Thu 29 Apr 2021

OH MY LORD~~!!!!!!! THAT ENDING OF THIS CHAPTER!!!! Who is jumping and screaming!>? not me lol

I am glad Kagome finished her first shrine and is slowly getting used to demonic society as in all the differences that she did not need to keep at like in human society. I am really glad you write her staying true to herself no matter her status ??

Waiting to see the schemes that will be happening soon 


Yamagomori (Chapter 1) - Tue 23 Mar 2021

Was pretty interesting to read! Thx

Kitty (Chapter 8) - Tue 23 Mar 2021

I love this story! I wonder what happened between kagome and inuyasha? What Kami is after kagome as well? What will happen next? I'm on the edge of my seat! I can't wait for a new chapter and hope to see it soon!

Shadowofthe9th (Chapter 1) - Tue 23 Mar 2021

Amazing story! Incredibly well written. Amusing, original, and true to the characters' personalities! Love it!

SmilingFool (Chapter 8) - Mon 22 Mar 2021

Wow that was a great chapter, I think Kagome made an enemy with Lord Shibata wonder where that will lead.  At least Sesshomaru is joining Kagome on her quest.  I think she should have more than one shrine in the west five would be good one in each corner of land and her main shrine the center of the west which is the castle and smaller simple shrines for villages both yokai and ningen.  Never thought Inu Yasha would die at Inu Kimi's hands that was a twist.  Wonder if Kagome will fill the tear of the bond she had with Inu Yasha alerting her of his death.  Hope she doesn't find out...  It would make her sad even all the shit he put her through.

wiccawoman (Chapter 7) - Sun 06 Dec 2020

I am so glad to see an update! I love this story and can't wait to see where this goes. Keep up the good work!

Julie (Chapter 1) - Sat 05 Dec 2020

I love this Fi. I can't wait to see what tricks  inukimi has in mind :) 

SmilingFool (Chapter 7) - Sat 05 Dec 2020

Another great chapter.... So Kagome can astral project herself I believe all Kami would be able to even some humans.  Anyways, at least Kagome found out Raijin and his familiar Raiju are not out to kill her but to keep an eye on her even protect her when she cannot.  Well at least Sesshomaru is understanding what his feelings are telling him even though he tries not to believe it.  LOL... 

The fun Kimi must be thinking up oh I can't wait to see what is planned.  Now for Inu Yasha well he had to have betrayed Sesshomaru in the worst of ways, like siding with the south or something to that nature.  I also believe Kagome begged the person responsable not to hurt her family/friends and he was from the south.  Now with the Yurei could that have something done when her soul was torn from her body to bring Kikyo back to life? 

Man I can't imagine the hellish things that are in that cave..  Wonder who is actually hiding within?  Could it be the devil himself wanting a bit of charity....  No but there is something that keeps bringing Kagome to that place to meet her end and that's not good....  Wonder who is actually after her and why?  


Update soon.

Sora-chan (Chapter 6) - Thu 03 Dec 2020

Welcome back, I'm happy you've returned because I'm addicted to this story. Haha what did she say?! Hahaha I could hazard a guess

Jheni Kuchiki (Chapter 5) - Wed 07 Oct 2020

I'm amazed. Really. Such original plot. Really. I'm in love. And I hope the next one doesn't take too long.

Say, maybe I missed something but she didn't read sessho's thoughts. Wich was kind of disappointing. Because I was curious. But I so I could understand. Because it would be too easy if se reads him. How did he learn to hide them?



Congrats for your new job. And I was going to say take your time writing the next one. Because everyone has a life outside this. Buuuut please, for the sake of my heart, I hope that your time isn't extremely long.



Siiiim, thanks for this amazing history. See you soon.

Sora-chan (Chapter 5) - Sun 04 Oct 2020

Oh no! Take your time. There's no need to rush

I really like where the story is going and I'm honestly giggling at the thought of kagome copy+pasting hold bars. Also I'm very curious who this little boy is, I hope he's not bad.

Katze (Chapter 5) - Sun 04 Oct 2020

Oh my I'm loving this story! I can't wait to see how this evolves! 

Jade (Chapter 5) - Sun 04 Oct 2020

This is absolutely 1000% amazing!!!!! I love it soooooooooooo much! <3 

Anonymous (Chapter 1) - Sun 04 Oct 2020

Love it!! Sorry to hear about your iPad!

Can't wait for the next chaptee!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 5) - Sun 04 Oct 2020

Loved the chapter, I do wonder if it were the Southern Lord that had Kagome killed!  Likely he knew of a prophecy which led to Kagome and had her killed before it could happen, but failed when she revived that was probably the reason he was at the Western Palace early to end her life before a shrine could be built. 


Anyways, the greatings could have gone a bit better, Kagome did not scan the area for malovent intent or thoughts of upsurping.  Especially scanning the Southen Lord now that they were out in the open.  Well now were in for some needy information on the wild child.....  could it be one of the fate's or other diety.  Can't wait to find out... 


Loved the chapter hope for a longer one hope everything flows correctly for you.

Anonymous (Chapter 4) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Love it!! Can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon!!

SmilingFool (Chapter 4) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

OMG that was a wonderful chapter I LOVED IT.  I thought it was Raiden probably the same Kami just spelled differently yeah I know too much Mortal Combat...  LOL  Anyways I love the flow of the story and how everyone is working to hide Kagome.  Wonder why the southern lord is there probably to see if he can gain something from the Wests boon. 

I do hope they figure out why the kami is after Kagome and start having the humans and demons pray for Kagome's health and power so she can become stronger.  Hm. wonder if Kagome is up for wearing a toga..... LOL  

I'm glad she has Sango and Miroku with her at least now she won't be so lonely.  Speaking of friends what happened to Inu Yasha?  When if at anytime will he make himself known?  Hopefully shrines for Kagome will be built all over Japan even if they are not lavishly done.  The more the better.  Have shrines built under water and deep within the ground for those that dwell there helps a bit doncha think?  Any great chapter loved it I will be waiting for the next installment.

Mistress (Chapter 4) - Sun 13 Sep 2020

Keep up the good work.. I told myself I would wait for more chapters before I read more lol did not happen as soon as I got the alert saying you updated I flew to read it lol..

Cant wait for more 

Mistress (Chapter 3) - Thu 03 Sep 2020

You snatched my attention so well with the story I can put it down until it was over I can't wait for the next update I will look forward to it officially added to favorites.

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