1.. 2.. 3.. The month is ending. by Raquel Taisho


Day 1: Cops and robbers.

Kagome a very active young woman; During the day she was a teacher's assistant at a famous school while at night she is the famous thief "Miko" who is responsible for leaving the hardened rich without money


It was night, Kagome was preparing to go out, with her black leather suit attached to her body and a black mask that only revealed her penetrating blue eyes that, inevitably, captivated anyone.
That day he would go to the house of the famous Koga Wolf, this time he would not escape from being robbed, he had a lot of money, money earned in the most vile way from the poor. Without thinking about it anymore he went out through the window of the apartment, he would go through the ceilings as he was used to.

Sesshomaru Taisho was circulating through the streets of Tokyo, he was more than sure that that night he would attack the "Miko" and he would not allow it, he would not escape once again.

Upon entering Wolf's house everything seemed to be going normally, he seemed not to be at home so that made it easier for him to move around the house freely, ransacking room by room, filling two huge suitcases with everything that had high monetary value.

Midnight and Kagome was returning home when she heard the bunch of patrol cars heading in the direction of Wolf's house, a smile forming on her lips.

Upon arriving at Wolf's house, Sesshomaru gritted his teeth with anger. On the wall there was graffiti with a message for him.

"Keep trying Sesshy, you look hot when you get angry"

At dawn Kagome was laughing while watching the news on TV before leaving for work.

Today's headline: "Miko assaults Wolf and almost leaves him on the street"

With that smile he adorned his entire day.

The best part was fooling Sesshomaru himself, that they maintained a small bond of friendship, it wasn't something strong but they had been classmates in high school and seeing him angry because he didn't catch her was the best gift of all.

Her cell phone vibrated and she took them out of her bag: "Incoming call from: Taisho."

—Taisho. -I answer the phone.
— Higurashi, I hope you didn't forget our date. -
Kagome laughed.
— I haven't forgotten it Sesshy. -she said in a flirtatious tone.
— I'm at your house in 10, don't make me wait.
And the call ended.

Kagome sighed, remembering all the time she had denied going on a date with him and now here they were on a more loving than friendly plan.

"I'll give him a hint to see if he suspects that I'm Miko."

Just as Sesshomaru had said, he arrived at 10 and she came down fully dressed in a black dress and a mask of the same color.

Sesshomaru's expression would break into one of total surprise upon recognizing her, but this time she would not escape his hands, Miko would be his and would never be seen on the streets again.

Kagome climbed into the platinum red Corvette with a smile.

— You look very beautiful, Miko.

Kagome smiled and looked at him.

— Officer caught me.

—How was I so blind? "He asked her before starting the car while she looked at him.

— I'm sorry, but I couldn't tell you, all those jerks deserved it, you can't judge me for that, Sesshomaru.

— I don't, I just... I didn't think it was you, now I will have the pleasure of staying with "Miko" because don't think I'll let you go.

Kagome giggled, —I'm your official prisoner, take me wherever you want.


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