Getting Ahead by thetroll

Chapter 1

Kagome stares at it. She should probably say something, she thinks, as she eyes his anatomy, but what? 

"Kagome," Sesshomaru prompts when she remains there, motionless.

"Sorry." She flushes as she tucks a lock of hair behind one ear. She finishes the job, pulling off the remainder of his clothing. "It's just...It's kind of like a mushroom, you know?"

Sesshomaru stares at her.

"Well, it is," she defends quickly, reaching out to touch the soft length. It sort of squishes beneath her touch before bouncing back, reminding her even more of a mushroom. It looks a lot like an oyster mushroom in particular, she thinks, as she studies it. It's her first time ever seeing one this close. "It even feels like one."

She sincerely hopes it doesn't taste like one.

Sesshomaru lets out a little huff as he reaches for the clothing she's just discarded.

"Hey!" She tugs his hakama back. "What are you doing?"

"Leaving." He attempts to retrieve his clothes, though it's clear he's attempting not to damage the beautiful silk. 

"But we haven't even done anything yet!" she protests, glancing back at the faux mushroom. It looks a bit smaller than it'd been a few moments ago, now that she thinks about it. She reaches out to poke it again, but this time the texture is kind of nice. Weird, but fun, at least.

"Nor will we." He huffs as he fails to pry his clothing free. After a moment, he gives in and allows her to keep the clothing. 

"What?" She blinks up at the male who, moments before, had been on the verge of mating her. "Why?"

"The mood is ruined." He sniffs and, before she can say anything else, he walks off naked to return to the camp where Ah-Un and Jaken are waiting.

She sighs heavily. She really wants to explore this new aspect of a relationship but, as she watches his naked ass walk away, she's clearly going to have to refrain from referring it to a mushroom in the future.

It's clearly a sensitive point for the daiyokai. 


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