The Breeder by thetroll

Chapter 1

Sesshomaru's lips thinned when he opened the next scroll in the stack.

Another breeding contract request. How very quaint. 

No matter how many he refused, there were always more. No wonder his father had finally caved and agreed to his mother's father's request and then later to Akaibara's. Both contracts had likely bought the general some veritable peace and quiet, at least for a time. 

Sesshomaru moved to set aside the scroll, intent on having Jaken formulate the response, but froze when he saw another name in place of his own.


The lord of the southern isles sought InuYasha as the partner for his daughter.

"You cannot avoid them all," his mother noted, leaning against the open doorway to his study. Kinmokusei eyed her son calmly, sipping a cup of tea she'd no doubt badgered Jaken into preparing upon her arrival.

Which explained Jaken's absence at that moment.

He sighed as he ran one hand through his hair. "This one is not for me."

He sensed the spike in his mother's yoki as she approached. "Oh?" She sounded intrigued. "I certainly am not interested in considering another," she remarked, but the pitch of her voice spoke otherwise.

"It is for InuYasha."

His mother nearly dropped her tea. "InuYasha...?" Kinmokusei slowly smirked. "Oh, this will be most delicious indeed. When do we leave to inform him?"

Sesshomaru did not even bother to argue with his mother.

It would have been a wasted effort indeed.


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