The Disappearance by thetroll

Chapter 1

Rin vanished from the village that morning as though she’d never been there at all.

There were no personal belongings left behind, no notes, and no prints anywhere to tell anyone where she’d gone.

Even her scent had vanished. There was no trace of it at all in the hut she shared with Kaede nor anywhere else in the village.

“She ain’t in the forest or out in the fields.” InuYasha settled down beside Kagome on the lip of the well with a quiet huff. “No one’s seen her at all today, either.”

“She couldn’t have just vanished,” Kagome said, feeling desperate. 

Rin might have been the type to wander off on her own—more so now that she’d turned thirteen—but she always told someone. At least she had ever since that one incident with Jaken.

“Keh.” InuYasha shoved his hands into his sleeves. “If she was here, I’d have found her.”

Kagome tried to quell her rising panic. “What if she’s hurt? Or sick? What if she was lured away and needs help?”

“That ain’t the worst bit.” InuYasha shoved his hands into his sleeves as Kagome gave him a stern look.

“How is that not—” she began but he didn’t give her a chance to finish.

“Someone’s gotta tell Sesshomaru.” InuYasha looked like he would rather die than do exactly that. 

Kagome pressed her lips together. Sometimes, she thought, InuYasha’s priorities could be really skewed.


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