House of the Setting Sun by Azuka





Word Count: 100

Prompted by: Sisterly Bonding

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any striped poison claws; to any dog-ears, any fox-tails, two-tails, sutra's, bone-weapons or sacred arrows... No kimono's were ruined in the making of this production.

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Her fingers felt clumsy, the steps rehearsed even as she struggled to recall both instruction and posture. “Slow down, if you need to Kagome-chan.” Sango advised, pouring them both some tea. The girl out of time did exactly that, and the sound of silk sliding across itself whispered alongside the flow of liquid and tinkling porcelain. 

“Do you want help?” Sango hid an amused smile.

“No, let me... I need to get it.” Kagome bit her tongue in concentration, the soft shuffle of her feet as she half-turned in place. “I got this.”

“Step one.” Sango confirmed.

“...Piece of cake!”


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