Office Hours by Tsuki no Tennyo

Good Morning

Word Count: 260 words


Kagome dragged her feet through the hallways and up to the time clock. She swiped her work badge with little enthusiasm, but she made a mental note of the time she had clocked in, so that she can leave at exactly eight hours later.

Begrudgingly, she made her way to her department room, groaning as she peered inside through the window of the door, knowing all of the work awaiting her for the day. It wasn't so much the tasks themselves that irked her, but it was the knowledge that no matter how hard and focused she was on her job, that traitorous clock never seemed to move forward as fast as she wanted it to. She almost suspected it was working against her in order to trap her in this monotonous hell.

"Nope," she said, spinning around on her heels. "Ack—!"

She felt a hand pressed gently, but firmly, against her forehead, stopping her in her track.

"Kagome, no."

"But Sesshoumaru—"







"I will buy you oden after work."

Kagome burst through the office door, smiling cheerfully as she greeted all of the employees inside with boundless energy.

"Good morning, everyone! We are going to have a great work day today!"

Sesshoumaru followed behind her, and shook his head to himself.

Miroku sidled up to the other male. He gestured to their female co-worker's oddly exuberant mood this early in the morning.

"Oden," Sesshoumaru said, and the one word seemed to have answered all of Miroku's questions.

"Ah. Gotcha."


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