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There are 3 Alternate Stories:

Palace of Wishes - Best Ending (Kag/Sess)

Palace of Darkness Worst Ending & Unfavorable Outcomes (Kag/Sess) (Kag/Ryo)

Palace of Trust Favorable Outcomes & New Love Interest (Kag/Ryo)

This is a SLOW ROMANCE story. I don't plan to rush anything with the characters, because I want to build their relationship.



An unbearable weight trapped her beneath its murky depths, and the instinct to breathe became too real. Too frightening. It had happened in a matter of seconds. One minute she was on her way home from school while crossing the bridge, and the next, a truck had run her off the path and over the barrier. Had her bike not gotten stuck, she might not have propelled off and into the lake below, but then again, she might have died quicker that way.

The paralysis that dragged her further and further from the light suddenly drew an unwanted breath, the intake of water burning her throat. A numbing sensation soon swept her senses, and the light from the surface faded as blackness engulfed the outer corners of her vision.

Was this how it would end? Just like that?

Caught between stillness and death, something flickered in the encompassing darkness, a familiar light so warm and inviting. In her last moments of consciousness, Kagome saw an object bathed in a translucent glow. Something that shouldn't exist had manifested right before her eyes and drew another involuntary breath.

The Sacred Jewel.


With his quadrant of soldiers, Sesshomaru returned from overseeing the safety of the borders, leaving behind a handful of trusted men to watch in his place. It'd been months since anything disturbed the tranquility of the Western Lands, all except the human nuisances that treaded in unfamiliar territory. Aside from the neighboring clans growing in power, they were little concern.

Amid several retainers welcoming his return, he stared up at the looming palace of white from the bridge. Pallid and grand; it expanded from all sides with multiple towers with pointed roofs of gold and violet, their complimented banners billowing in the cool breeze of early spring. All of this accompanied the roaring sound of water cascading off the surrounding cliffs.

Nothing unusual happened during the weeks of his absence, and he welcomed the smiling faces of his servants as he and his men glided through the open gates. And at their retreat to retire for a well-earned rest with the promise of a grand feast later that evening, Sesshomaru turned to his faithful retainer standing before him.

"Have the servants prepare the bath, Jaken."

"Right away, my liege!"


Roses laid scattered on the polished marble floor at his feet, and Sesshomaru raised his arms as two female attendants dressed him in silken robes. White, gold and blue flooded his vision as they circled him, adorning him in layer after layer.

When they finished and presented him to the mirror, he regarded his reflection nonchalantly. Embroidery of silver and blue dragon fishes decorated the wide sleeves of his black dachang with the lining remaining a pale silver. Beneath the open lengthened cloak, he nodded his head at the pleasing sight of his black yichang and golden hanfu.

Elegant and modest.

Seating himself at the vanity, he watched as the women tended to his hair and makeup, peering at his reflection as they carried on without further instruction. They fashioned his hair in its usual style, out of his face and into a high ponytail, similar as that of his father, with his eyes outlined in charcoal and his lids colored in a deep mauve.

"My liege," Jaken's voice carried from the open door. "Before anything else, the empress wishes to see you."

Sighing, he stood up from the cushioned stool and dismissed the servants, all the while adjusting his cloak. "Very well…"


The distance from his residence and his royal mother's took minutes to reach in the long strides through various courtyards. An assortment of magnolias, peonies, tulips and peach blossoms of white filled his vision as he passed under the vine-covered pergola. All the while, Jaken filled him in on the happenings he'd missed during his absence.

But a splash of color drew his curious stare to a group of servant women gathered near the fountain, and pausing, immediate displeasure followed. Between their stifled laughter and scoffs, blasphemous words escaped their mouths, all of which not only offended him but also spoke ridicule concerning the royal family.

"I swear, all she ever does is walk with her head down! She knows she's guilty!"

"Do you really believe she bewitched our lord?"

"How else? There's no way our lord would ever fall for a human! It's truly sad that our lady hasn't properly dealt with her!"

"I heard he never visits our lady except on special occasions… I can only imagine how she must feel…"

"I won't stand back next time I see that bitch! It's time we open his eyes to the truth! Otherwise, she'll use her child as an excuse to compete for the—"

A gasp resounded from the group as Sesshomaru stood out amidst the array of flowers, his amber gaze piercing their trembling countenances. Such an affront was not unordinary, but it left a bitter aftertaste that lingered far longer than necessary.

"M-m-my lord…"

"Such impudence! How dare you foul mouth a royal in front of his lordship?! If you have time to gossip, then it means you've been slacking in your duties!" Jaken said, smacking the nearest girl over the head. "For that, your work is doubled!"

Despite Jaken's best efforts in exacting vengeance on the foul-mouthed, scheming women, Sesshomaru had a better idea. "That needn't be necessary. If you show them such leniency, they'll never learn. Have the guards flog each of them fifty times. And they'll go without food for three days."

"F-forgive us! We were wrong!"

"Please, have mercy!"

Though he stepped past them, he paused briefly and narrowed his gaze. "Any further complaints and you'll lose your tongues."

The comment silenced the noise, and as his retainer guided them away, he noticed a familiar woman standing behind a lattice trellis to his left, her porcelain face lowered respectively at his approach.

Her name was Izayoi.

Concubine Izayoi wore an elaborate pink and peach cheongsam embroidered with cherry blossom petals and leaves, her collar round and high and the sleeves wide and intricate with green cuffs. While the blouse hung loosely in a tunic style, falling no further than her thighs, it revealed a flowing green pleated skirt beneath, complimented by a hanging sash from beneath the cheongsam.

Her mane of ebony hair was gathered in a voluminous bun above her head, twisted and styled to the user's preference, and was ornamented with red and white flower pins. The overall style was simple and elegant, especially for her standing as a member of the royal family.

As she peered up at him, beneath her lashes, Sesshomaru wasn't unaware of the sadness lingering in her doe-shaped eyes, but he recognized her smile. Hesitant and appreciative. It was unnecessary, but he regarded her briefly.

For the past forty-eight years, she lingered in the palace, preferably the eastern area nearest his father's residence. But it wasn't unusual to spot her near his mother's courtyard. As a lady of the palace, she often entertained the royals as was befitting of her status, and more often than not, acted as a servant more than a friend to his mother.

Regardless, Izayoi never complained, and Sesshomaru never inquired. Certainly the twist of fate that brought her here was surely better than her old life, but at what cost? Was the woman his father brought back truly happy?

"I hope you are well, your highness," Izayoi greeted with a fold of her arms and a tilt of her head. "It's nice to see you are returned safely."

He acknowledged the sentiment but said nothing in return, and instead, pondered why his father had allowed himself to fall astray for a mortal woman. Then again, it wasn't a secret that his affairs with his mother expanded beyond mere disinterest, but for the sake of reputation, it remained nothing more than a formality.

If ever a day came where he and his mother could no longer remain under his protection, then Sesshomaru knew a war would shake these Western Lands. Such an event was not impossible, so long as nothing trifled these pleasant years, but a decision to choose which path he'd one day proceed weighed heavily on his mind.

Follow his mother's instructions and one day seize control of the Western Land's power by force, or follow in his father's footsteps to acclaim further conquest and prestige?

Despite Izayoi's constant ramblings, inquiring about his well-being and the upcoming event concerning his coming-of-age ceremony, something drew his attention to the surrounding air. Static and an unusual smell. Something was near, barely beyond the borders, and he turned.

"Is something wrong, your highness?"

Unsure whether it was an invasion or little concern, Sesshomaru didn't linger a moment longer. He discarded his outer coat and tossed it to her and jumped over the inner walls of the courtyard, disappearing before she could even blink.


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