To Bless The West by SnowyNight22

Trouble magnet

Kagome let out a long sigh as she watched her bare feet dangle off the palace. The clouds were drifting by lazily, and Kagome noticed she never once saw past them. She hummed in curiosity, wondering where all the moisture for the clouds could possibly come from. Movement to her left caught her eye and she smiled as she watched Shippo chase a golden butterfly, it teased him constantly by booping his nose and hiding under his red hair. She giggled at the sight, happy that she wouldn’t be leaving him after all. A small sigh escaped her as she looked back at the clouds. The last thing she remembered was her bow snapping, running, and then she woke up in the palace. It was odd to say the least, but some part of her knew what she was the moment she woke up. There hadn't been any great flourish of power or remarkable display, she simply woke and felt there. The feeling was hard to describe, as a mortal she was always there obviously, but now it felt like she was connected to everything all at once and yet not at all. It made her uneasy to think about her situation, but she knew she could not ignore the problem forever.

“Awe!!” Shippo’s high whine caught her attention and she looked just in time to see the golden butterfly fade.

“How about something more relaxing?” His big green eyes met hers, a smile full of poking fangs on his face. She could feel his excitement and she laughed at his antics as he began to jump from paw to paw. Kagome felt the small tug in her head, and without much thought she gave him a coloring book and crayons. They appeared as easily as everything else did, materializing on the marble floor in front of Shippo who gave a ‘whoop’ in glee. She smiled as he brought everything closer to her and once he was settled on his belly, feet kicking in the air, she began to stroke his hair. The silence was a welcome one, the only thoughts that she could read were Shippo’s and it gave her much relief. The palace had been full to the brim with servants and guards and grown ups had much more complex thoughts.

Kagome bit her lip as she absently played with a lock of his red hair, she hoped she wouldn't always have the mind reading ‘feature’ on, it was… overwhelming. It was like being in a large crowd, but everyone was talking over each other constantly. Some louder than others. A thought suddenly came to her and she lifted her hand, calling forth her power. Brilliant gold lit up her palm and with a surprised squeak she waved her hand frantically to call it away.

 “No not that one” she muttered and tried again. She stared at her hand and furrowed her brows in concentration. A soft pink danced around her fingers and Kagome smiled. Still a miko then, just with a boost. Dropping her hands she smoothed her golden haori, the movement causing it to reflect rainbows along the palace walls. She missed her old one, the blue matched her eyes and made her feel closer to home. All of the outfits that the servants had presented to her were of elaborate kimonos, and truth be told, she wasn’t exactly the image of grace. She just knew she’d fall all over herself. When she had been insistent on a miko hakama however, the servant attending her had nearly burst into tears, telling her Inukimi had none, and that any others wouldn’t be good enough for her. So, the hakama she now wore was proof of her second materialization. Although for some reason, most of the things she made ended up being gold. She wasn’t sure why and she didn’t know how to change the color, so she had shrugged and let the servant help her put it on. A servant who had looked at her with such awe that Kagome was almost uncomfortable.

A giggle escaped her then. She couldn’t blame the young demoness, after all if a kami had done the same in front of her when she was mortal, she was sure she’d be in just as much awe. But even so she felt concern. It was as if she were taking this too easy. Was that her or was something else influencing her emotions? Kagome frowned and laid back on the warm marble floor, her legs still dangling over the edge as she enjoyed the warmth of the sun. She glanced down at Shippo when he scooted along the floor, and she reprimanded him to be careful with his new clothes.

 “Yes mama!” He sang and he smoothed his little hands over the fine material of his light blue hakama. The bottom of it held small golden acorns and his shirt was a deeper blue with matching acorns. Shippo had been in a similar situation as her, the only difference was that they actually had more clothes for him than kagome thought. The only thing she had to make for her kit was the vest and his hair tie, both coming out a glittering gold. She had no idea how to control that and was glad that Shippo’s crayons and coloring books were actually the colors they were supposed to be.

Kagome felt Shippo’s stare and lifted her gaze to meet her kits curious green eyes. He watched her and after a moment tilted his head to the side.

 “What are we going to do now mama?”

 She hummed, glancing back up at the blue sky. “I’m not sure yet Shippo, but I think it would be rude to leave until Inukimi returns.” He brought a small hand to his chin and nodded sagely.

“Yeah that would be.” He paused and bounded up to her, hugging her around her neck. She smiled and cooed as her kit hugged her fiercely, knowing he still had some doubts about her really being there. They stayed like that for a while, Shippo eventually drifting to sleep. His noon nap always came at the same time. Just a little after midnoon.

“He’s asleep now,” she whispered. She had felt the demoness return a few minutes ago, knowing she didn’t want to intrude. Kagome received no reply so she sat up and waited for the demoness to speak.

“The council has been informed. The lords will follow soon.” Inukimi paused and Kagome glanced up at her. The demoness was on her left and she was staring out at the ocean of clouds.

“A shrine is being built in the west, with its completion in a few days, we will present you to the other lords.” Kagome nearly cringed, but something told her this was important, some nagging feeling in the back of her head that refused to let her speak against it. She sighed and nodded.

“Where in the west?” She watched as Inukimi turned to face her and felt the demonesse’s discomfort at being above her. The silver inuyokai didn’t hesitate to take a seat next to Kagome. She hadn’t shown any sign of her discomfort, but Kagome didn't need her to. She couldn’t turn her prying powers off.

“I won’t be upset,” Kagome continued. Even though she was trying to ignore the demonesse’s thoughts, she caught some worry there which quickly faded at Kagome's words.

“It will be the first building when you enter the castle of the west.” Kagome swallowed and took a deep breath. She wasn’t expecting that. We will honor you as you have honored us. Kagome heard the thought drift to her, and she glanced at the demoness sharply. Gold met blue, and after a moment Kagome nodded reluctantly. She wouldn't argue. Her travels alone had taught her to simply go with the flow. ‘Then again, it was easier said than done’ Kagome mentally grumbled.

 “What do you need from me?” Kagome asked, wondering if she had any role to play.

“Nothing, simply that you show when the time is right.” She smiled and nodded, carefully standing up so she wouldn't wake Shippo. She offered the demoness her hand who gladly   accepted. She honestly didn’t know how the demoness always managed to look so graceful. Then again, she had centuries to practice. A thought struck Kagome, and a small smile lined her lips. She would also now have more than enough time to practice. Glancing down at Shippo her eyes softened, she wouldn’t leave her kit behind. Time would not take her.

“I was thinking of traveling,” Kagome mused, flicking her eyes up to scan the clouds.

“To your family?” golden eyes looked at her curiously.

 “Something like that,” more like very much that. Sango may as well have been her sister.

 “How should I…” Inukimi trailed off, Kagome picked up the thought.

 “Send a prayer” Kagome paused, wondering at the words she had automatically said. Blinking, she furrowed her brow, “I’m not sure why I said that but… maybe try praying to me right now to see if it works?”

A delicate chime escaped the demoness as mirth danced in her golden eyes. “As you wish,” golden eyes closed, and Kagome marveled at the beautiful markings that adorned the demoness’s face.

 I wish the kami kagome a safe trip to her friends.

Kagome gasped as she heard the prayer, unsure if it was that or if she had accidentally heard her thoughts. She appreciated the kindness either way.

“Thank you.”


 Kagome let out a laugh. “Ok how about this! Count in your head until you hear me whistle, then try again!” Kagome spun around and ran off, listening until she was sure she could no longer hear the demonesse’s thoughts. She stopped and paused for a moment, covering her kit’s ears before she let out a low whistle.

I wish for my mate’s pup to be happy.

Kagome’s breath left her, hearing the sincerity in the words. Her heart stuttered and a sad smile graced her face. She wanted Inuyasha to be happy. She let out a shaky breath, her heart swelling with emotions that were not hers. It was a strong prayer, one full of great want and desperation. She took another breath and calmed her mind, replying to the demoness that was nearly half the castle away. I shall grant it. She saw the small smile that Inukimi held as the demoness nodded and motioned for her to wait. Kagome tilted her head, curious as she walked back to the demoness. “Is something wrong?” She called out.

“No, Kagome-sama, but I wish for you to go with some protection.” Kagome frowned. It had been a while since she traveled with anyone for protection. After the well had closed, trapping her in this time, she threw herself into her miko studies, making sure she would never have to rely on anyone protecting her ever again.

Inukimi seemed to sense this and she nodded towards her. “It would be disgraceful of me to let a newly made kami wander alone. Especially in such a vulnerable state.” Kagome froze. Vulnerable?

 “Your power is held in your body alone” Inukimi explained patiently. “You have no shrine yet, if you were to be harmed before you can seep your energy into your home and receive prayer, you may not have enough energy to fix your body.”

“But that doesn’t make sense... I never noticed my power diminishing when I made a few things.” She was sure of it. Kagome didn’t even sleep last night; her body was too full of energy.

“The material things are made of earth, your body on the other hand, is made from the chaotic energy of the world. Molded into its shape with the help of your mortal body.” Kagome was about to argue but cut herself off. That nagging feeling was back, the one that had guided the use of her powers so far. Maybe… maybe the demoness was right.

 “How do you know all this?” She wondered aloud as she stared at the beautiful and intelligent demoness.

 “The knowledge of my clan reaches back nearly a dozen millennia.” Her voice was even but her eyes swelled with pride. Kagome couldn't help but be proud of her clan too, feeling the emotions soaring in Inukimi. She smiled and nodded her acceptance, motioning for her to continue. Inukimi flared her jaki slightly, and Kagome saw the demon approach rapidly, he was at her side in an instant. She realized then that the demon had been running and she had been able to see him. An excited smile stretched across Kagome’s lips as Inukimi spoke.

 “Kagome-sama, this is Kuro, the head general of the western armies.” Kagome didn’t miss the plural on armies. She nearly rolled her eyes in exasperation. Instead Kagome opted to lock eyes with the general and he immediately gave her a deep bow. Kagome held her tongue.

 “It is a great honor to accompany you, Kami-sama” Kagome knelt and grabbed his hand, making him rise. He blushed furiously in embarrassment.

 “Kami-sama you shouldn’t!”

Kagome laughed merrily and met his eyes, a deep emerald green paired with sleek, red brows. His red hair was silky and framed his face, the low ponytail holding the red strands back just enough. His smooth skin had no markings, but it glowed with a healthy tan. Just behind him, kagome could make out 7 red tails. She smiled mischievously “just call me Kagome.” She almost heard his heart stop.

 “Surly not! Kagome-sama!” He gasped in a scandalized tone.

She let out a giggle, knowing he would say that. If she had to get used to it, she may as well poke some fun. She felt Shippo shift in her arms and Kagome was impressed when he simply went back to sleep. Her kit could sleep like the dead. She felt eyes on her and looked up to see Kuro staring at Shippo curiously.

 “My son,” she whispered, catching him off guard. His eyes widened and he glanced at Inukimi who simply nodded. Any questions he seemed to want to ask were held back though.

“I am most honored to meet you, Kagome-sama,” his voice was strong as he dipped his head in another bow. She smiled, feeling the warmth of the truth in his emotions.

“Oh! Before I forget!” Kagome looked him in the eye, and with a blush she continued. “I’m sorry but, I seem to have an issue turning one of my powers well… off.” She felt her blush deepen to her neck. It had been a while since she was unable to control her powers. Then again, it wasn’t like she had anyone who could train her.

“Off, Kagome-sama?” She nodded as he eyed her in confusion.

“I can uh, read minds and emotions. I don't try to! It just sorta… happens. I’m really sorry!” she expressed, her eyebrows scrunching up in worry. As someone who valued her privacy, she felt like a hypocrite.

 A tender smile graced his features and his green eyes glowed with warmth, “it is of no consequence. I was informed and still chose to come. There is nothing that I have to hide” he spoke softly, and Kagome could feel the truth of his words. There was no doubt in him. She smiled and it reached her eyes as she nodded to him in thanks.

“Would you like to depart kami-sama?” He gestured towards the sky as he spoke. “It would be best to travel while the sun is still high.”

“Right!” Kagome nodded vigorously before she paused. “Uhm, how are we going to get down?” 

The fox general was quiet in thought before he spoke, “if you are unsure of how to use your powers yet Kagome-sama, I would be honored to take you to your home.” Kagome nodded in acceptance, now wondering how he was going to get them down. She was sure kitsune didn’t fly.

“If that is all that needs to be discussed, I must return to my duties, Kagome-sama.” Inukimi spoke and Kagome jumped, she had nearly forgotten the demonesse’s presence.

“Oh! Yes, thank you!” She stammered out as another blush took hold of her face. The demoness smiled and bowed low before turning to leave. When she disappeared behind the bend Kagome let out a sigh.

 “She was waiting for me to dismiss her wasn’t she” Kagome whined in dismay. Thankfully, her guard chose to stay quiet, aware the question was rhetorical. With a deep breath Kagome cleared her mind and spun to face Kuro, her hands once again in Shippo’s hair. “Ok, my first destination is Edo!”

Kuro nodded “a moment please, Kagome-sama.” She watched as he backed up a few feet and the second he stood still he began to transform. Jaki whipped his red hair around as his nose elongated into a snout. His eyes flashing red until the color held. The wind picked up and swirled around him, leaves appearing in the storm. As the winds obscured her view, she felt a final peak in his power and the winds stopped nearly as soon as they started. Standing before her was a large kitsune that towered above her head. She gasped in awe as he approached her, his red fur gleaming in the sun, showing off muscles filled with power. Even on her tip toes, her head only reached his shoulder.

 “You’re gorgeous!” She heard him yip and Kagome was surprised to hear his words of thanks. Eyes widening, she looked up at his face and spoke, “did you say thank you?” A dip of his head was her only reply. “I can understand you!” Kagome saw his eyes widen slightly before his lips were pulled over his teeth. He was smiling. It was a kind of terrifying smile, but Kagome didn’t mind.

“Every day seems to hold more and more surprises,” she giggled behind a hand. Looking down at her kit, she pursed her lips before she shook him awake. “Shippo dear, it’s time to go. I don’t want you to have to wake up falling towards the ground.” She heard him grumble but knowing he would listen, Kagome gave her attention back to the older fox. She nodded to him, “ok so what should I do?”

Instead of replying he got down on his belly and motioned for her to get on with a wave of his head. Excitement filled her belly and she rushed forward, careful to not hurt him as she got on. Once she was secure, she shifted her weight back as he rose and walked towards the edge of the floating palace. Nervousness suddenly filled her; the height seemed more daunting from up here.

“Moommm,” Shippo whined and the fox they rode on froze, glancing back at her.

“What is it Shipp?” She held his little face as he squinted.

“Why are you so bright!”

Kagome paused as she took in his words. Her golden hakama was kinda bright. As she went to smooth it, she saw what Shippo was complaining about. Her skin was glowing, not softly as it had been before, but several shades lighter. “That’s a good question Shippo!” She chirped, trying to pay it no mind. She placed Shippo on the fox’s back and it was then that her kit realized who they rode on.

“Woah! He’s huge!” He exclaimed in awe. Kagome heard the general yip and she obeyed his command immediately. She leaned forward and gripped the fur at his nape. Her arms acting as a barricade in case Shippo lost his own hold. “Ok ready!”

“Wait you understood him too?” She looked down at Shippo and met his awed eyes.

“Yep! Get ready!” Nervousness invaded her belly again and her heart hammered in her chest as she felt Kuro begin to move forward once more. Her hands tightened in his fur as she felt him bunch his hind legs. With one last look behind him, he sprang forward and jumped right into the clouds.

Kagome let out a gasp and dug her head in between his shoulder blades, clenching her eyes shut. Her body trembled in excitement and she felt her stomach lift as they fell through the sky. Dew began to form on her skin and hair as they plummeted though the clouds. After a moment her stomach settled some and Kagome peeked at her surroundings with one blue eye. The clouds were above them and the treetops began to rapidly approach. She felt her hair whip around her as it flowed freely in the wind. Kuro tensed beneath her and their descent began to slow, feeling his jaki rising up and around his paws. By the time the details of the ground began to be clear, they were basically gliding down. The landing was soft and Kagome went to check on Shippo, but feeling his excitement, opted to let him have his fun. She giggled and Kuro glanced at her, once again giving her a yip in warning. Kagome clenched her hands in the fur again and with a jolt, Kuro shot into a sprint, leaving behind chiming pearls of feminine laughter in his wake.



Sesshomaru sat in study with two fingers on his temple as he glared down at Jaken. His retainer’s screeching voice was grating on his nerves, and as if that wasn’t enough, he had gone off on one of his rants.

“The nerve of the girl! She should be more appreciative of the hospitality the west has shown that ningen! Not only does she disrespect milord, but she asks for that wretched miko!” Jaken froze mid rant as he felt his lords jaki fall on him like an anvil. His knees buckled and he hastily bowed as tears leaked though his eyes. “Milord! I will make sure Rin learns her pl-”

“JAKEN!” Shesshomaru’s voice came out as a snarl, his eyes flashing crimson. Jaken froze, never before had he heard his lord so angry.

“You dare question this one’s judgment?” Sesshomaru was seething, his emotions getting the better of him. He clenched his jaw and his grip on the chair was so tight that the wood cracked. Even as he gained his composure, his eyes remained red and his jaki fluctuated in rage. “It would do you well not to speak of those above you in such a way.” Narrow eyes flashed a brighter red for a moment before he reigned in his jaki tight and began to explain to the dumbfounded imp.

“If Rin wishes for the miko then she shall have her request sent.” Jaken shivered at the ice in his master’s voice, his body trembling as he tried to listen carefully. Something he said though caught Jaken off guard. Why would his lord have to request the presence of a miko? Such a foul one at that. His master seemed to follow his train of thought and Jaken would have called him a god, but before he could another snarl left the dog demon. Jaken didn’t dare move from his place on the marble floor.

“That miko you speak of has received high favor. This is the last time you have such disrespect. Should I ever hear you speak ill of her in such a way again…” The threat hung heavy in the air, and Jaken could hear the cracking of knuckles as his lord approached him. His trembles came back with renewed violence and for once, Jaken was truly scared. He didn't know why his lord held her in such high favor (for who else beside his mighty lord could have given it?) but he would listen.

“O-o-o-of c-c-course m-milord!” Jaken bowed repeatedly, his form slightly sloppy in his frantic shape.


Jaken peeked up and found red eyes glaring at him, he immediately locked away and swallowed hard. His saving grace was a knock on the door, making him nearly jump in joy.

“Enter” Sesshomaru forced his anger aside and glanced at the demoness that walked in, her orange eyes were downcast as she entered and kneeled before him. “Speak” he barked out.

“My lord, those in the council wish to know how much coin should be spent on the shr-”

“More than it took the build the palace” Sesshomaru cut her off and he heard the small gasp the woman and Jaken took in. She hesitated for a moment and he bid his accountant to stand. “Speak freely.”

“My lord! That is nearly three quarters of our gold stores, unless we pillage, we will not recover for centuries!” Her voice was filled with worry and her orange eyes were framed by furrowed brows.

He said nothing as he studied her for a moment, taking in her worry and knowing it was simply because she cared for the west. “Fret not over it, this one shall see to it that they overflow.” If she had any doubts in him she dared not speak. And while Sesshomaru usually liked the honest council of his advisors, this was not such a time. He could not tell anyone but his councilman (and Kuro) the identity of the new kami, nor could he speak of her in general. If she were to be found while weakened, then Sesshomaru and his house would be to blame. The demoness before him bowed her head, her black bangs obscuring her eyes.

“As you say, my lord.”

“Inform them to use the army to help them build the shine. I want it done in three days.” The female stiffened in shock and she glanced up at him with wide eyes. Uninterested in her curiosity, Sesshomaru turned from her and waved her away, she left without a second glance.

“Jaken” he nearly felt the imp jump out of his skin. “Leave.” With a hasty bow, the imp was gone and Sesshomaru pinched the bridge of his nose. It had been less than a full day since the discovery of the miko made kami, and Sesshomaru already had his patience tried in abundance. It didn’t help of course that his own emotions were in turmoil at what his mother had told him before she left.

She had stared at him once he waved Kuro away to prepare for the trip and Sesshomaru knew there was more to say. “She is kami, Sesshomaru,” His mother had paused and set her shoulders as she continued. “Your thoughts and emotions will be bare to her, perhaps you should wait to meet her.” He wasn’t given a chance to reply. His mother had stood and left without another word.

 He nearly snarled at the memory; it was the current root of his problems. Could he look at the newly made goddess and say he had never cared for her mortal self? Sesshomaru frowned, no, he could not. He had come to care for the mortal priestess and there was no denying that. What set him on edge however was how far his care for her went. Was it like Rin?

 He felt guilt begin to eat at him and he clamped down on the emotion with an iron first. He had come full circle again. He did not know where he stood with the miko Kagome, let alone the kami version! With another snarl he ripped his thoughts away and sat heavily in his chair, the paperwork forgotten as he massaged his temple. He wasn't sure how to deal with these emotions, let alone the memories that laced him with guilt.

 He was thinking about it again.

Eyes flashing red, Sesshomaru stood and stalked to his balcony, he needed time to think. Without hesitating, he wrapped his power around himself and left in a streak of light. The swaying balcony doors were the only sign of his departure.




Kagome bit her lip as she hid in the tree line, gazing down at the tiny village in worry. How would they react? Would they treat her differently? She hoped not. A small pat on her cheek made her look down at Shippo who was perched on her shoulder.

 “Don’t worry mama, I’m sure they’ll understand.”

Kagome smiled at her kit, thankful he treated her the same. When Shippo had woken up, he had been in awe when Kagome explained what happened to her. She was so very thankful to her kit. Without his love for her she knew she would have stayed dead. Absently, she stroked the middle of her forehead, feeling the tingling of Inari’s power as she brushed the invisible mark. Thank you.

With a sigh Kagome nodded to the little kitsune and squared her shoulders in determination. She was still Kagome, just… a little different. “Ok, I’m ready!” Her voice came out stronger than she felt, and she was thankful.

“Lead the way, Kagome-sama!” Kuro’s encouraging voice gave her an extra boost and without delay, she walked from the tree line. It was almostt sunset now; the trip having taken Kuro a couple hours. He said he hadn’t minded in the slightest, but Kagome wanted to thank him with something special nonetheless. A cold breeze tugged at her hakama and drew her hair back as she walked down a well-worn path. She was tempted to visit the bone-eaters well but decided not to, it would be best to make Kuro’s job as easy as possible. And knowing her, trouble always managed to sneak it’s way into her life. She watched as Shippo bounded ahead in excitement on all fours before a thought occurred to her.

“Hey Kuro, can I ask you something?” She glanced over her shoulder to her guard and he nodded for her to continue. “I was wondering, where did you learn all your magic and...stuff?”

He smiled warmly at her, following her train of thought. “I was taught by those employed by the late dog general, my family sold me off to him and he allowed me to make sure of my kitsune heritage.” Kagome gasped and spun around to face him.

“Sold?” She whispered, a frown marring her face. He nodded seriously but gave her a slight smile.

“My parents could not give me the life they wanted me to have, and so by selling me to the west they allowed me to pick my own destiny. I still visit them from time to time, and have never once resented them for what they did.” His voice was firm as he met her eyes. She searched him for a while, feeling the contentment he felt, and she eventually nodded her understanding. Sometimes she forgot where she was. She turned from him then and motioned for him so follow.

The closer Kagome got to the village the more nervous she was. The sun was beginning to dip down the horizon and it made her glowing skin painfully obvious. If she needed to hide, well, that would be quite difficult.

“Kagome-sama, is there perhaps a way to….dim yourself?” She cringed; Kuro had thought the same it seemed.

 “Uh, ha-ha about that!” She continued walking even as a blush rose on her cheeks. “I’m not that good with my powers yet, but I hope I will be able to soon.” His hum in agreement was his only response.

“Kagome child, that be ye?” Blue eyes snapped up from their position on the trailing grass and a smile blossomed across her face.

“Kaede! It’s so nice to see you!” She ran up to the elder miko without thought and wrapped her tight in a hug. “It’s been a while!” She heard Kaede chuckle and she pulled back to inspect the elder woman. Her eye was full of happiness as she gazed back at Kagome.

“That it has. Come, night will fall soon, don’t need to confuse the poor villagers as to why it’s so bright out.” Kagome blushed again and mumbled under her breath about old people not being fazed by anything anymore.

She pulled the bamboo mat back and turned to Kuro, “would you like some tea?” She saw him hesitate at the threshold, his hand falling to his sword (when had that gotten there?) as he gripped it in reassurance.

“I really shouldn’t Kagome-sama, if something were to happen-”

“Nonsense!” Kagome cut him off and tugged at his armor-clad arm. “Besides, what good is my guard if he’s tired from his long trip?” She didn’t give him a chance to protest as she pulled him through the door. “Have a seat anywhere you’d like! I’m going to go help Kaede make some tea.” She heard Kuro heave a sigh in acceptance and turned to Kaede who already waved her off.

“No guests in my hut will serve themselves. Especially not a kami.” Kagome froze.

“Is it that obvious?” She wanted to cry. How was she going to try to convince people she was the same if it was obvious she clearly wasn’t?

“Child, ye be glowing.” Kaede’s face was perfectly smooth but Kagome could feel the amusement trailing though her.

“Oh, right.” Off to her right, she heard Kuro cough. Narrowing her eyes on him she stalked up and pointed a finger down at him. “I can't help but feel that you’re amused by my situation.” She tried to keep her voice stern, but she was failing miserably. Kuro immediately saw through her ploy.

 With a grin full of mischief and all things kitsune, Kuro bowed his head with a flourish and spoke, “I wouldn’t dare kami-sama!” Kagome let out a laugh, her voice gaining strength as tears prickled her eyes. She stopped suddenly though when she noticed both were staring at her instead of laughing along.

“What?” Did she have something on her face?

“Ye voice is quite beautiful child. It is like ye own, but more.” Kuro nodded in agreement, thanking the miko as he took his tea.

“The miko is correct, it was as if your voice broke into 5 and harmonized. Any demoness would be quite jealous of such.” Kagome eyed Kuro with a raised brow, but before she could retaliate Kaede spoke again.

“So, who is ye friend here? He is quite the looker.” Kagome blushed in embarrassment at forgetting her manners.

“Oh I’m so sorry! Kaede this is Kuro, the head general of Shesshomaru’s army. Kuro this is Kaede, the head miko of this village.” To Kagome’s surprise, Kiro nodded towards the miko in respect from his seated position near the fire.

“It is nice to make your acquaintance,” he flashed the elder miko a small grin, his eyes burning a brighter green for a moment as he tried his charms on her. The elder miko simply laughed and waved him off.

“The young ones are so full of energy; it would be amazing if my old bones could keep up.” Kagome couldn’t help herself, she laughed and sat with an ungraceful plop, taking the offered tea. It was quiet for a moment after the laughter had faded, and Kagome felt eyes on her. She raised a brow in question.

“I do believe ye have some explaining to do about,” Kaede paused and waved her free hand in Kagome’s general direction, “that.”

“Well you already know the big secret, though I’m afraid I can't say much else. I just woke up, and boom,” Kagome waved a hand towards herself. “Though, where I did wake up was quite odd. Do you remember Shesshomaru’s mother?” Kaede nodded. “Well I woke up in her palace, Shippo told me a golden kitsune helped save me by leading him there, but that’s all I can get out of him. He’s...a bit upset still since, well…” Kagome trailed off with a frown. She hoped her kit would be able to move on from the trauma.

“Ah,” Kaede nodded solemnly, her eyebrows pinched in worry. The elder miko had figured out the rest. She leveled her one good eye on Kagome before she spoke, “ye need to be more careful.”

Kagome pouted. “My bow broke! And that demon was really strong he…” Kagome trailed off as she furrowed her brow, a flash of memory coming back to her. “He was absurdly strong,” she murmured, eyes going distant. She felt Kuro’s worry reach her and she before she could tell him it was fine, he was on his feet, his entire demeanor doing a 180.

“Kagome-sama was a powerful priestess yes?” The question wasn’t directed to her but to Kaede who nodded in agreement.

“Yes, she has fallen many demons with a touch, it is most unusual for a foe to have such strength and be a mindless beast.” Kuro narrowed his eyes at Kaede’s words and his hand once again fell to his sword, his grip turning his knuckles white.

“Unusual and nearly unheard of.” He turned to Kagome then, his green eyes sharp. “I will be right back.”

Kagome blinked at his sudden departure before turning back to Kaede. “Do you think something is wrong?” Kaede brought her tea to her lips, her expression tight with worry.

“It is as Kuro says, Kagome. It is most likely that you were being hunted.” Kagome gasped, her eyes going wide as she brought a hand to her chest. All she was trying to do was protect Shippo at the time, was it really possible that it was all planned? A sharp yip outside had her jumping in fright.

“Kuro!” As she stood to see what was wrong a hand caught her arm.

“Ye must not, Kagome. If it were true that ye were being hunted, it would be most dangerous to wander out in the dark.” Kagome heard her words, but her powers picked up Kaede’s thoughts. There is no light to hide your secret. That’s right. She was a lightbulb.

“Hey mama!” Shippo came bounding out from the other room of the hut, “I found my other crayons!” He exclaimed in excitement. Another yip filled the air, but it sounded far, far away. Shippo immediately settled down at the noise and she furrowed her brows in concentration. That one didn’t sound like Kuro. It was at that moment when the general walked back inside, his face blank and his eyes stern.

“I have informed the sentries along the border to be wary of possible attack. Though, I could not tell them much given the circumstances.” Kagome nodded, seeing that it was a situation he didn’t like and chose to stay quiet. She had agreed to be guarded, so she wouldn’t give him hell for being overly protective.

“Will you build a shrine for her in this village?” His voice was hard as he talked to the elder miko who stayed seated even though he still refused to move from the door.

“Most likely, the more she has the better.”

 Kagome scowled. “Kaede I really don-”

“This is not up for debate, child!” Ye have perished once already, it will not happen again!” Kagome had never heard her sound so angry, and so she was stuck in the middle being babied. She knew they meant well she really did, but it was hard having to be protected again. Kaede let out a sigh.

“Ye are a young kami Kagome. Ye must first build up your power and have it seep into your shrines. It is the only way to ensure ye safety.” Kagome absently wondered if everyone she knew had taken Kami101 because she had no idea how they knew any of this. Then again, she hadn’t even known demons existed for most of her life, so this may have also been common knowledge for them. Not to mention the fact that Kaede was a miko.

When Kaede was sure Kagome would not protest again she relaxed slightly and eyed the general. “Something worries ye.”


Kagome was starting to wonder if that was a side effect of being next to Sesshomaru so much. When he didn’t say anything else, Kagome motioned for Shippo to come and he crawled over sleepily, the gold of his vest reflecting the fire and illuminating the walls in sparkles.

“Have ye informed the others yet?” Kaede’s voice broke her out of her thoughts and Kagome shook her head. “No, I was planning on going to the slayer village tomorrow though. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them.” 

“Have ye had any luck with ye powers?” Kagome almost laughed. If anyone knew her struggle to learn and rein in her powers, it was Kaede.

“Kind of. Though some things are harder to turn off than others.” The elder nodded, her gray hair falling forward as her posture became stooped.

“Aye then, I must go lay down and rest. Today has been a long day.” Kagome couldn't agree more. With a grunt, she picked herself up from the floor and nodded at Kagome. “Sleep well child.”

“Hai, you too,” she murmured as she watched the miko leave to her room. A soft snore caught her attention and Kagome looked down in time to see Shippo drool on her hakama. A small giggle left her as she adjusted him so she could lean her back against the wall. Her eyes traveled to Kuro who still stood by the door, he was slightly more relaxed now. It was a start.

“Sleep Kagome-sama, I will wake you in the morrow.”

Truth be told Kagome wasn’t sure if she could. Sensing her hesitance Kuro continued. “You will need all your energy for the coming days. Please try.”

“Ok then, just make sure you try too.” He nodded at her and she immediately knew it was a lie. Instead of mentioning it she just closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall, letting her thoughts consume her.

Kuro waited until he heard Kagome’s breathing even out before he slid his green eyes towards her. Her black hair framed her face and the soft glow she gave off made him relax subtly. She looked like an angel with the way the light of the low fire reflected off her skin and clothes. The soft sparkles that illuminated the walls only helped the image. He lowered his gaze to the kit and smiled softly before his eyes hardened in determination. Quietly exiting the hut, he let out a long, low whistle, the sound traveling a fair distance in the still night. He didn’t have to wait long for another demon to appear before him.

“General,” the demon bowed his head and waited for instructions.

“Inform the western lord that there is a high chance my charge is being hunted. Use great haste.” The demon before him stiffened before nodding in confirmation and dashing away. The breeze of his departure blew Kuro’s hair back harshly, but the fox merely narrowed his eyes. His gaze was sharp on the tree line as he made sure his men were in position. He spoke low, knowing they could hear him even from such a distance.

“Keep hidden, we leave for the slayer village in the morrow.”




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