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The Eye of the Storm

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- Prelude -

The Eye of the Storm

She was taking down her hair when she felt him enter. The whisper of his youki trailed like a tangible shadow over her skin—even through the layered fabric of her clothes. He didn't bother to announce himself as he stepped across the threshold, and in her mind she added another strike to his tally of offenses.

Frowning, Kagome turned toward the door.

Sesshoumaru's expression was stoic as he stood before her—but she knew that wouldn't last. If he was here—in her home, at this time of night—there could only be one reason for it.

"So, you've got the urge again," she said narrowly, crossing her arms over her chest.

Levelly, Sesshoumaru met her gaze. "Yes."

"Show me, then."

Slender claws rose to the clasps of his armor. As the heavy plates fell away from him, Kagome's jaw clenched in aversion. Sure enough, she could see it, rising with a slight pulse through the ivory silk of his hakama—the manifestation of his vile, stirring lust.

Turning partly away from him, she bit out, "Down."

Hidden beneath his haori, the rosary around his neck responded to that single spoken word of subjugation, bringing the powerful daiyoukai to his knees in an instant. Sesshoumaru's eyes flashed red as he snarled. Kagome sent him a sharp look of reproval in return. It wasn't in his nature to be in a position of submission, but it wasn't in her nature to suffer monsters.

Striding forward, she brought her glowing palm to the side of his face in a resounding slap. The purifying sting of her reiki leached the bestial heat from his gaze. Sesshoumaru's head snapped to the side. His golden eyes slanted up at her in a seething glare as he gouged his claws into her well-kept floor. Kagome's smarting hand balled to a fist at her side.

"It's been less than a week since the last time," she muttered. "What have you done?"

Something had happened to set him off, and as the heated gaze trained upon her darkened, she had an inkling of what it might be.

"This afternoon," he answered in a toe-curling murmur, "I watched you bathe."

It was just as she had thought. Kagome swallowed tightly in indignation.

"You have no right, Sesshoumaru." Her voice trembled as she advanced upon him. Reiki crackled from her fingers as she jerked him back by the hair. "You have absolutely no right to put your filthy eyes on me like that. Ever."

His lips peeled back in fury, the full length of his fangs exposed as he continued to stare up at her in undeterred want. Kagome's stomach twisted. Her free hand flew to his face—trying in vain to wipe away that loathsome, disturbing expression. Hot angry tears boiled in the corners of her eyes. Panting, she drew back once more as his claws lifted and caught her around the hips. A few gossamer strands broke off in her fingers as he surged forward and growled hungrily into the junction of her thighs.

"Yes, Kagome." His nose crushed to her groin, scenting her deeply through the dense material of her hakama. "...Punish me."

Forcing apart her lower cheeks, he fit his whole, scorching mouth to her. His rough tongue rasped along the central inner seam. Kagome shivered viscerally in response, releasing her tense hold on him in a harsh backward shove.

"Get down," she snapped, sending him to the floor once again. "And get on with it, already. I’m tired."

On some level she had realized this might come to pass—that she might become the focal point for his repulsive fixation. It was unnerving to say the least, yet she did her best to steel herself against it as he locked eyes with her in carnal intent. There was a rustle of silk, a glimpse of flushed skin as he freed himself. His simmering gaze flicked down, but Kagome refused to follow the motion—she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of a reaction.

Conceding to this, he began to stroke himself in her presence. His breathing grew ragged. His sharp look soon dulled with pleasure. He was gazing up at her still, but Kagome knew he wasn't really seeing her. His hooded eyes were glazed and distant—whatever he was truly seeing was fixed somewhere behind them. Kagome's skin prickled at the thought that it might be some stolen image of her from earlier that day.

Her pulse thundered in contemplation of this—though given all the unforgivable things he had done to sate his base desires, it might be for the best if he pictured her, after all.

As his pleasure mounted, his fangs showed again in a glint of white. His sleeve rippled as his arm moved with increasing ferocity and speed. A cold glance from her stilled the trickle of red bleeding into his gaze.

“Let me taste you,” he rasped out on a growl, his attention suddenly and fiercely riveted on her sex.

It wasn’t unusual for him to make these sorts of requests. It wasn’t unusual for her to deny them, either. Typically, he wanted to look at her—but since he had already taken that particular liberty today, his rapacious lust was gaming for more.

Kagome scowled down at him. As if she would ever let his mouth actually touch her there...

Inuyasha would roll in his grave.

Still, she knew how things would end if she remained totally inflexible. He’d keep her here half the night while he hovered on the brink of release. Once he got something in his head, he was obsessive about it—as she understood all too well.

Letting out a breath of exasperation, Kagome loosened the ties of her hakama and slipped her hand below the waist. As her fingertips met the damp crotch of her underwear, she quickly schooled her expression. Knowing he was watching her slightest movement, she ignored the slickness that filmed her outer folds and dipped into her core instead—as if she were bone-dry and this was only way to glean her essence from her.

But she couldn’t disguise the shimmering thread of moisture that trailed from her hand as she lifted it out. She couldn’t disguise the wetness that webbed between her offered fingers as he parted them with the sharp wedge of his thumb. Taking both of them into his burning mouth at once, he sucked and scraped at her with his fangs and tongue. Rumbling, he jerked savagely into the vise of his fist, his seed splashing against her bare feet in a hot, musky current.

Kagome stepped back from Sesshoumaru in revulsion—repressing the wild angry impulse to yell at him to clean her off. Instead, she glared down at him, his feral features unhinged and jagged still as his lengthened claws strained the last, obscene remnants of his release from him.

This was the real Sesshoumaru—the depraved beast that lurked beneath the perfect marble face and stony composure. She could see past his stoic mask to the dark, raging depths of that depravity, and the carnage it could bring.

She was the only living person who had seen it—and the only person who could contain it.

And although she resented it, she would. Because debased and monstrous as he was, Sesshoumaru was the only family she had left.

As he rose from the floor and donned his armor, his impassive facade was in place once more. But it was only a matter of time, she knew, before the caged beast within him threatened to rampage once again.

When it did, she would have to be ready.

As Sesshoumaru turned to leave, his shadowed gaze slid over her, lingering.

“...Sister,” he bid to her in parting, as he stepped through the door and out into the night.

Glued to the floor, Kagome stared warily after him. Her nails cut crescents into her palms. She would have to be ready again—



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