Reviews for Bisect Book One by Jin

docsgirl4 (Chapter 11) - Wed 10 Jan 2024

I just discovered this story and I must say, I am truly captivated by it. I just could not stop readying it. It is so good...from Sesshomaru chasing Kagome, to her allowing herself to finally get that situation with Zues. This story has many sub plots and is just wow.

Tai (Chapter 7) - Tue 19 Dec 2023

Ahh I love this story. It's so unique and this Sesshomaru is so interesting! Thanks for writing!! Can't wait for more 

Tamaringa2011 (Chapter 6) - Mon 11 Dec 2023

Me siento afortunada con tantos capitulos hoy, gracias 

Tamaringa2011 (Chapter 3) - Mon 11 Dec 2023

Me encantan ambas historias que tienes en dokuga , sigo las dos y las amo, gracias

Sarah (Chapter 3) - Mon 11 Dec 2023

I think this is a cool concept and I like the writing. I hope you update soon.

Guest (Chapter 1) - Fri 08 Dec 2023

This is so interesting. Update soon :).

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