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REDWOLF (Chapter 61) - Tue 09 Aug 2022

Well, not sure if I agree that he suffered from madness. Maybe, he and his beast were Mad for Kagome  but I just don't see him losing his mind temporarily.  Of course Sesshoumaru does act a little strange with the way he feels towards the world(lol). Inuyasha isn't going to take this well, especially since they are just cousins.  I think he's going to want Sesshoumaru to hand over everything  which won't be good because Sesshoumaru is still more in control then Inuyasha ever could be. Well, guess Kagome will think her child will have mental problems too. Thanks for the update. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 61) - Tue 09 Aug 2022

Good chapter however, I think this sounds like Sesshomaru will become a madman to where Kagome will fear him and all yokai at one point or another to where they will have to be killed.  Didn't care for this chapter but I did understand where you are going with it.

Young Kagome (Chapter 55) - Tue 09 Aug 2022

People who think she is treating him unfairly don't understand the gravity of rape. She is doing much better than many would in her circumstance. I think you're doing an amazing job portraying this. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 56) - Mon 08 Aug 2022

Oh father, like son. There's an accusation if I ever heard one. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 60) - Mon 08 Aug 2022

That was a great chapter cleared up a lot of things between the brothers. I was wrong about the part of Sesshomaru's mother being mated first it still stands the resentment Toga had.

SmilingFool (Chapter 59) - Sun 07 Aug 2022

Okay I was thinking it had to have been someone in the family jealous of Toga, because why else would Sesshomaru's envy not be in place as he was reminded of who his true father was growing up however, still being of royal blood and a bastard its all Toga could do but raise the boy with distaste straining their relationship as Sesshomaru got older.  The resentment he had for Sesshomaru's mother being raped by his brother Hiroyoki and her killing him also strained their marriage/mating to the point he found Izayoi and the rest is history.  Even though I don't like the fact Sesshomaru is a royal bastard lol, this is a great plot no one can its not original because it is.  You always come up with awesome twists in stories and I love it.  Can't wait to read the next chapter.

hw (Chapter 59) - Sun 07 Aug 2022

Oh so it was Toga's older brother! Yeah, I didn't think about the fact that Sesshoumaru would still need to be related to Toga in order to use his swords. Totally makes sense. So, after his mom killed Hiroyuki, Toga become the General and mated her? For some kind of family honor reason or to make sure Sesshoumaru wouldn't be seen as a bastard? That's my guess. 

So, Hiroyuki was just not great at controlling his beast as he should have been? Was he afflicted with something that would cause this to happen and it can pass down to his offspring? 

or maybe, Hiroyuki wanted to mate Tsukuyomi but she was promised to Toga and his beast decided to take matters into his own hands? 

I'm dying to find out the details!


I also wonder if Kagome and Tsukuyomi will be able to help each other deal with what happened to them. 

hw (Chapter 58) - Sun 07 Aug 2022

Oh, the suspense! I can't wait to find out who Sesshoumaru's dad is! Another great chapter!

Ravenkag (Chapter 58) - Sun 07 Aug 2022

Puesto que Sess es un Inoyakai completo y uno muy poderoso parece haber solo una opción. Tiene que ser un pariente del Inutaisho ( o peor aun de la madre de Sess )

¡Pobre mi Sesshy! Que duro debe haber sido si estaba consciente de como vino al mundo desde pequeño.Y me hiciste  llorar al ver cuan molesto y decepcionado está consigo mismo por lo que hizo. Es obvio que el nunca quiso repetir los errores de su padre.

Eres increíble para provocar emociones intensas en tus lectores.

Sigue adelante por favor y gracias.

REDWOLF (Chapter 58) - Sat 06 Aug 2022

As silly as this may sound, could it still be a relative of Sesshoumaru's father. I thought it may have been Sesshoumaru's father in beast form until I remembered she took a knife to the guy. So is this why Sesshoumaru dislikes Inuyasha so much, because their not really half brothers? I mean this is out there and you've got me at a loss. I guess that's why Inutashio raise Sesshoumaru as his own, but, I'm sure it was done as a  bonus for himself.  Kagome has stepped or rather brought into a mess. Seems Sesshoumaru needs as much help as Kagome does dealing with this injustice. Thanks for the update.

SmilingFool (Chapter 58) - Sat 06 Aug 2022

At least there was an introduction before leaving.  

Nicole (Chapter 57) - Fri 05 Aug 2022

I am really enjoying this story and its a very interesting take on sesshomaru. Good job as always

Eryn (Chapter 57) - Fri 05 Aug 2022

Personally, I LOVE that Inu No Taisho isn't his father.  It lends so much to his personality and backstory.  Love. It.

SmilingFool (Chapter 57) - Fri 05 Aug 2022

I don't think I liked this chapter, to have Sesshomaru be another bastard in the royal family is cruel but to have Inu no Taisho having not a care for him while growing up I can understand the hate Sesshomaru held for Inu Yasha even though he is also a bastard but one born from Inu no Taisho the envy understood.  What I believed was that Inu no Taisho was lost to his beast also and took Izayoi but then this chapter happened.  I don't know what to think.  If its a male will it be killed or allowed to live?

Lillmaru (Chapter 57) - Fri 05 Aug 2022

I love this chapter!  Such a cool plot twist I've never seen used in this fandom before, but makes perfect sense why he has such a bad relationship with inu taishio and inuyasha.  I hope kagome realizes soon that she has never really met Sesshomaru before and needs to approach him like a stranger whom she's meeting for the first time. 

hw (Chapter 57) - Fri 05 Aug 2022

Wow! I didn't see this coming! InuTaisho is not Sesshoumaru's father?!?!! Oh wow! This really adds new layers of complication to the family dynamic and history between the brothers, their dads, and their moms. I'm so intrigued! Did InuTaisho know about Sesshoumaru's bio dad and the circumstances of his conception? It seems a difficult thing to hide among dog yokai with their keen sense of smell. Do their subjects not know? Is this the real reason why Sesshoumaru was obsessed with getting Tessaiga? Oh man, he and Kagome have a lot to talk about...she deserves to know everything and maybe this will help her with dealing with her own trauma. 

Great chapter! Excellent plot twist! Can't wait for more!

SmilingFool (Chapter 56) - Thu 04 Aug 2022

Boy bet that was a shock to the Lady of the West boy ole boy wonder what the cause of this curse is?  Wonder if Kagome will find out as well...  At least she's not against him bringing a human over...  Can't wait until they meet what will they tell Kagome why everything seems so desolate.

hw (Chapter 56) - Thu 04 Aug 2022

Just wanna say how much I love your stories and this drabble series in particular. At the end of every update, I can't help but to want more and find out what happens next. 

I'm a little surprised that you're getting some readers impatient for Kagome to get over her trauma and be nicer to Sesshoumaru. Perhaps because of the drabble format, it seems as if much more time has passed and that's why people are reacting negatively to Kagome. I dunno. I agree with what you said in the author's note about the difference between almost getting killed by her friends vs actually getting raped by Sesshoumaru. Sure, she ended up befriending people that at first attempted to kill her but 1. they didn't succeed, 2. they didn't have an established trust or relationship, 3. attacking her wasn't personal. So, yeah, with Kagome's personality, of course she can forgive and befriend these people. With Sesshoumaru, at this point they'd been allies, he'd saved her several times, she respected and trusted him and thought him to be honorable. Would never suspect he'd be capable of doing what he did to her. Not an attempted assault but actually doing it. 

Plus, she really hasn't had much time to process what happened to her and what her new life will be. And she's isolated from her support network, had her life plans forcibly taken away from her, forced to be the wife of her rapist, birth their child, assume a titled position as his Lady and has no one but her rapist and his family to help her deal with and heal from her trauma. Not to mention, how hard it must be for her to trust Sesshoumaru right now. It doesn't matter if she understands that his beast was really her attacker...having your trust betrayed so deeply by someone you trusted and cared about is really difficult to come back from and trust again. Especially, when it's only been days, maybe a week since the assault. 

If this was real life instead of fiction, I can't see how anyone would tell someone in these circumstances to be nicer to the person who has perpetrated all of these horrible things on them. 

Anywho, I think how you are pacing the story and portraying both Kagome and Sesshoumaru is quite sympathetic to both and I feel like it's a pretty acurate portrayal overall—their reactions to their circumstances and the fallout of his actions. It would be so unrealistic to have her simply get over what happened to her in just a few days. 


I'm so curious to discover what it is that made Sess lose control and attach Kagome. Did his father rape Izayoi? Was that not a love affair afterall? It seems that's what is suggested by his mother's reaction. And tell us more about this Pandemonium and why the state of the Castle is how it is...obviously, it's related to losses from the last Pandemonium but what are the details? 

Ravenkag (Chapter 55) - Thu 04 Aug 2022

Tienes razón. Supongo que el hecho de que la historia sea contada en drabbles me ha creado la ilusion de que ha pasado más tiempo del que verdaderamente ha trascurrido en la historia.

En realidad ella no tiene porqué minimizar lo que sufrió. Y aun así me diste exactamente lo que quería ese simple tomarse de las manos.

Y lo hiciste mejor al no ser algo que ella solicitara sino algo a lo que accede a regañadientes solo por no seguir desairando al Lord delante de tantos ojos. Es más realista diria yo.

Gracias. Siempre esperando por lo que sigue.

Kaylah (Chapter 55) - Wed 03 Aug 2022

I certainly hope that Kagome will keep an open mind.

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