Reviews for The Gift by Notakebacks

SmilingFool (Chapter 10) - Thu 30 Jun 2022

That was a good chapter.... So I wonder where fluffy is?  did Inu Yasha fall for Kikyo? while Kagome was away why won't they tell her the truth?  Guess we'll find out...

KShadeslady (Chapter 9) - Mon 27 Jun 2022

Oh Wow!! know Papa T had to have known about this! Great chapter! Looking forward to their reunion. 

Marie (Chapter 9) - Sun 26 Jun 2022

How you gonna just leave it like that......

Lauren (Chapter 9) - Sun 26 Jun 2022

Bum bum buuuum! The intrigue! How could Inuyasha be sent to the same school as Kagome when his father knows where she is? You'd think after years of plotting to keep the two apart, he'd be more aware of where his son was going. ...Or maybe he had no idea? Could Inuyasha have run away? Forged paperwork? Forgotten Kagome? 


Looking forward to the next chapter. Hope you're doing well.

SmilingFool (Chapter 9) - Sat 25 Jun 2022

Okay that went well, but I was hoping to see the after the party next day when Kagome and Sota would leave with their aunt and uncle.  Maybe Kagome will find out why everything happened as it did and why her aunt and uncle are being so quiet...  What are you hiding.....  lol

SmilingFool (Chapter 8) - Sun 19 Jun 2022

Oh man that was good really good loved it.  Can't believe Toga not wanting Kagome or Inu Yasha to meet but I do understand the whys of it.  Can't give the girl hope especially she and Sota will be leaving the next morning gosh I hope they are not cruel to them....  Oh the kiss was good. loved it.  And he plans on having her as his when he returns its a good thing he destroyed the flower and the velvet box couldn't have Inu Yasha's name come from Kagome's lips would ruin everything.  update soon loved it.

KShadeslady (Chapter 8) - Sat 18 Jun 2022

Aw, I knew it was Seesh. Oops...don't screw up at a youkai party! Talk about having a death wish. She's going to have one heck of a headache in the morning. Nice update. Thanks so much. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Sun 12 Jun 2022

Wonderful chapter. So much going on. I guess they are going to tell her and Souta about going to be with their aunt and uncle. That's going to put a damper on things. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 7) - Sun 12 Jun 2022

Oh man that was good loved it......  Wow really you had me on my toes waiting for Kagome to ask why he always stole her flowers or always taunted her.  But it didn't happen in this chapter hopefully she will learn who actually sent her the flowers and that Inu Yasha was the one to steal them....  LOL 

Anyways, loved how Sesshomaru gave Kagome her gift before anyone else.  Sad to say Sesshomaru doesn't know about Kagome and Sota leaving...  Wonder how their lives will be with the money grubbing aunt and her husband...  Can't wait to see what happens at the party....  Will the Onigumo's be there?  Wonder if Inu Yasha and Kikyo are a couple yet...  Update soon.

KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Mon 06 Jun 2022

Oh! This was good! I'm guessing papa T hasn't told them they had to go to the states yet. Ugh! Naraku is just slimy. This is really shaping up into a terrific story. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Tue 31 May 2022

Whoa!! That was quite the chapter. Touga is still the ruthless Dog General and this is his battlefield. I feel bad for Kagome and Sota though; they don't know these people and they are being moved across the planet. I'm sure he will keep an eye on them though. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Tue 31 May 2022

Nice the flower touch. Hmm..I don't see Inu doing that though. He's a bit clueless. Sweet but clueless. I like this Izayoi. She's not usually depicted as take charge. Though she did go all a flutter about Kagomes crush, she went into power drive mode in a heartbeat. Looking forward to the dinner and how the new characters will fit in. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 5) - Fri 27 May 2022

OMG!!!  What the fuck....  Really damn Toga is one mean son of a bitch...  LOL  Loved this truly I did wow you wrote this so well along with Sesshomaru's response to his fathers demands.  Poor pup trained to be cold, wicked, deadly and smart beyond everything else the one thing Sesshomaru ever wanted was what he wrote on the back of the card...  Kagome Higurashi...  If I'm wrong you can laugh at me if you'd like but I can't see him going for the tetsuiga thats so old.  Anyways, can you blame first love.  So sweet but not for him when he wants possess her body, mind and soul.

Now the Endo's make their move wanting Kagome's and Sota's inheiratence boy if they fuck up their lives are forfeit but if they should harm or treat the kids badly I'm sure Toga will know.  Kagome will figure it out but more importantly be shocked she and Sota has living family.  Wonder what will happen at the party and will Sesshomaru give her something to remember him by even though they both don't know they will be leaving the next day.  Wonder what Iazyoi and Inu Yasha will say.  Man Toga best not die I want to see him when he returns and how much more ruthless he will be.  I still feel sorry for him.  Well untilt the next chapter.  This story rocks...  Love it.

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Thu 26 May 2022

Wonderful chapter. Does Touga suspect or know she is the Shikon Miko? That would explain his closeness with her family. They knew he wouldn't try to take its power and help protect her.  

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Thu 26 May 2022

Oh, I like this storyline. Very interesting. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 4) - Sun 22 May 2022

Wow great chapter loved it.  So Kagome still doesn't know Sesshomaru is the one leaving flowers and the flower language book boy she is slow...  I feel sorry for Sesshomaru with all he has to do trying to be nice is hard when no one cares to know you yet he continues leaving flowers for her.  Now Kikyo enters and Inu Yasha will turn his love interest to her wonder if Toga did this to give Sesshomaru a chance.  Well all I can say is Kagome needs to be careful with Onigumo and Naraku attending they just may go after Kagome like they did her parents, wanting the jewel.  

SmilingFool (Chapter 3) - Sun 15 May 2022

Well there you have it.... I think Naraku got wind of her and had Kagome's parents killed.  This story is coming along nicely... Can't wait to read more.

SmilingFool (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 May 2022

OMG!!!  Sesshomaru is so cruel or is he?  Hopefully he did not kill Kagome and Sota's family...  That would be so dishonorable...  By the way does this by chance gone through the well and stuck perminately or is this something wholey out there....  Can't wait to read more.  Update soon.

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