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Jyurian (Chapter 6) - Mon 02 May 2022

I'm so loving the attention to Kagome and Sesshoumaru's conversations and interactions in general. Even though they've both changed and have secrets from each other, the overall atmosphere that you've created is so warm.

I also really enjoy the descriptions of all the houses, the inn, etc. They sound so perfect. 

hw (Chapter 17) - Mon 02 May 2022

Loved this chapter! It's great to have chapters just about the slice of life stuff to balance out the drama. And it's so nice to read the little details that show how Kagome and Sesshoumaru's relationship grows ever stronger. Interesting details about why mixed relationships need to see specific doctors. I thought similarly to Kags at first and was offended by it but the Prince explanation makes sense. I hope all will go well at her appointment. And I hope Rinsho gets encouraged to follow his passion now that Sess won't be alone.

Tessitura (Chapter 17) - Mon 02 May 2022

This us such a lovey story. Can't wait for more..thx for sharing this

Jyurian (Chapter 2) - Mon 02 May 2022

Absolutely crushed about Kagome's family all passing away. :c 

Wondering what else happened since her time in the Sengoku Jidai. Can't wait to read more!

Jyurian (Chapter 1) - Mon 02 May 2022

Ahhh, I love this so far! Your writing style is lovely; the flow is very engaging. 


I can't wait to see where this goes. I feel like Sesshoumaru is always portrayed in fanfics as excessively cold (when considered "in character"), but this feels more accurate to me. He smirks and gets visibly emotional (angry, frustrated) in the series, so even if he's not warm and inviting, he's not as super closed off as so many portray him to be. I think you found a really nice range for him.

Tami (Chapter 17) - Mon 02 May 2022

Adoro la vida diaria de los dos, me encanta que escribas sobre eso y de como va avanzando la relacion de ambos

SmilingFool (Chapter 17) - Mon 02 May 2022

Thank you for updating I loved the chapter.  Kagome got to see first hand how yokai lives are affected on a daily basis by yoki suppression and or seggration.  I was hoping she would want to be an ambasador of sorts for yokai in their unfair treatment along with their mates.  I enjoyed how Kagome explained her miscarrige to the prince how he bristled at the cause.  Loved that part oh and Rinsho's part in this story as well mastered with perfection on his profile and personality.  All in all this story rocks and one I look foreward to reading over and over.  Can't wait to read the update...

REDWOLF (Chapter 17) - Mon 02 May 2022

I hope Kagome doesn't let Kikyo intimidate her.  Great update!

Young Kagome (Chapter 17) - Sun 01 May 2022

I'm enjoying the peacefulness! I feel trouble brewing and I like them just living being happy lol. Please update soon! 

Nicole (Chapter 17) - Sun 01 May 2022

Another well written chapter as always. I love the non dramatic chapters just as much as the dramatic ones. It's nice watching kagome a realistic character growth at a normal pace and her relationship. Thanks again for the update and I can't wait for the other stories !

MMJ1991 (Chapter 17) - Sun 01 May 2022

I quite enjoy reading about mundane everyday life with these two. Most stories just want to hit the main points and boom story over. This is much more realistic and helps set the stage to pivot into those main points. I can't say that I don't create little scenarios in my head to this story about their "mundane " aspects of their lives. Lol sad there was another filthy lemon.. but I'll live. Keep up the great story telling!

KShadeslady (Chapter 16) - Mon 11 Apr 2022

Wowza! That was some chapter! Yes, it was a long time coming! They both needed that. Hmmm...Inuyasha. This should be interesting. Wonderful update. Thank you. 

Mariah Johnson (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Apr 2022

You know, for some reason I didn't think I would like this story when I first started reading it and almost just backed out of it. I'm so happy that I didn't and stuck with it. This is a really wonderfully written story and I've probably cried for more than half of it when thinking on both characters individual paths that they followed and all that they've dealt with up until this point and I'm glad to see them finally get to a good place to beginning letting each other in to build something I'm sure all of us would love to have. Keep up the amazing writing. Oh, btw, that smut was chefs kiss ???? ! Looking forward to more of those. Lol

Kaylah (Chapter 16) - Sat 09 Apr 2022

This was an awesome chapter! Sesshomaru was so attentive! I hope she's pregnant!!! 

Alexandria Biedron (Chapter 16) - Sat 09 Apr 2022

Yay finally! I wonder if she's pregnant, he said her time was coming but that was in the first day so maybe! I hope she wants to mate with him soon! 

Young Kagome (Chapter 16) - Sat 09 Apr 2022

Love that she loved their first time! Hard to believe anyone wouldn't with Sesshomaru as their partner. She's def pregnant right? Lol!  Inuyasha is finally making his appearance to her! Can't wait to see how this plays out. Please update soon! 

Tami (Chapter 16) - Sat 09 Apr 2022

Fue muy esperado y quedo hermoso

neelixo (Chapter 16) - Sat 09 Apr 2022

Though smut (porn) I think it was actually really sweet.  There's a lot of trust involved with both sides here, and its delightful to see how that love, passion and trust can come together in something so wild and beautiful.


InuYasha though...what timing.  

SmilingFool (Chapter 16) - Sat 09 Apr 2022

Oh finally they did the deed now they are truly married now they'll get to know one another more intamately and sooner than later I hope Kagome and Sesshomaru become mates extending her life so they can continue to help yokai...  So Inu Yasha finally calls and knows Kagome is with Sesshomaru wonder what he is thinking....  No trying to steal the love she feels for Sesshomaru you weak hanyo who lives under Kikyo's rule...  Go figure.

Lauren (Chapter 16) - Fri 08 Apr 2022

Whew. Very nice chapter. LOL I'm glad you went with Sesshomaru continuing to be respectful and keeping his promise. They're so new to this relationship despite being married for months, so there's no room to go back on promises. Kagome needs to trust Sesshomaru and keeping his is the perfect step. Hopefully they'll be able to date a little more and talk more often now. Being wrapped up in work is one thing, but it read as if they'd been having/maintaining separate lives, though I know Sesshomaru was keeping his distance to be understanding.


Stupid Inuyasha, ruining the good mood. Why is he calling the house anyway? Go take care of your kids instead of being an emotional burden with half-assed apologies and requests for lunch.


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