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Sess2023 (Chapter 19) - Mon 27 Mar 2023

“I do not believe you understand the concept of affection. Perhaps your mate was as cold on her back as she was on her feet.”




Someone give this writer a trophy, because that was best diss I've seen in fanfiction.

REDWOLF (Chapter 22) - Mon 19 Dec 2022

I love this story!

KShadeslady (Chapter 22) - Mon 19 Dec 2022

This was such a wonderful chapter. A battle and so much progress made between them. 

Mynameishuman (Chapter 22) - Sat 17 Dec 2022

Oh gosh. What a great chapter!! I really enjoyed it. And it's nice that there is open honesty between them. 

SmilingFool (Chapter 22) - Sat 17 Dec 2022

Oh yeah this was so good I loved it.... Finally becoming real partners...  And now they will learn what all the people they visit know about the Shikon and get closer too.

Mynameishuman (Chapter 21) - Mon 05 Dec 2022

Wow!! What a great update!! So much is happening - I'm so excited for the developments. Love this story.

REDWOLF (Chapter 21) - Tue 29 Nov 2022

I wonder, what the future holds for these two?

Annie (Chapter 21) - Mon 28 Nov 2022

So much progress! I Hope sesshomaru opens up more!

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 21) - Mon 28 Nov 2022

Oh heck, SO CLOSE (flips desk agressively (?)) The misunderstandings concerning their relationship where about to end and then BAM!! Interrution, yay :')))))

KShadeslady (Chapter 21) - Sun 27 Nov 2022

That was a wonderful update. They have both come a very long way. Now some trouble. 

Mynameishuman (Chapter 20) - Tue 15 Nov 2022

Lovely chapter, as always! I enjoy the conversation between Sess and Kagome. And I had wondered about Kikyo! Thanks fir the update on her as well.

Im excited to get into the tour!! Should be awesome ????

KShadeslady (Chapter 20) - Sun 13 Nov 2022

I was wondering when we would see how Kikyo is doing. Seems she is loving the future. I'm enjoying the journey that Seeshomaru and Kagome are on now too. Jaken is always a noisy thorn in their sides. But I hope he doesn't try anything nasty either as he does provide some comic relief. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 19) - Sun 13 Nov 2022

Over 700k to go! They had better fly! That's a long walk. I'm liking the interactions between them though. 

Young Kagome (Chapter 19) - Wed 09 Nov 2022

Yesss!! I'm here for all of this!!! Growth, communication, affection! Love it!!!

Nallely (Chapter 19) - Wed 02 Nov 2022

I'm loving the plot, the development, the writing. You are amazing! I hope to see a new update soon please!

Lauren (Chapter 19) - Tue 01 Nov 2022

Aww! Progress. It's so sweet that Sesshomaru is trying but they need to be more communicate. They're such teenagers. It's adorable 

SmilingFool (Chapter 19) - Sun 30 Oct 2022

Oh man who wants to throttle Jaken?  I do...  He really is annoying kappa....  Wow how close was that Kagome would have been lunch meat thankfully Sesshomaru was there.  So many things going on glad Sesshomaru and Kagome get along for the most part.  Can't wait to see where they travel next.

anna1989 (Chapter 18) - Tue 04 Oct 2022

Great, nothing short of great! 

SmilingFool (Chapter 18) - Tue 04 Oct 2022

Oh man that was ouch....  Well if you dish out you must be able to take the pain in return.  Lucky Sesshomaru only broke her arm and not take it from kojaku....  I love how Sesshomaru wants to be more then friends with Kagome maybe in time they'll grow on one another.

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 18) - Tue 04 Oct 2022

Oho! Time alone for the lovebirds ~ I really really wish for Inuyasha to find happiness with the guidance of his sister-in-law and his brother, both siblings got to resolve issues and properly communicate, man. Kagome is paving the way by opening Sesshoumaru's heart to allow emotions within his life :) The rest, he got to put an effort!

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