Reviews for Perception by thetroll

L-desu (Chapter 34) - Wed 31 Jan 2024

Loved the alernate universe in this one. It was really unique and very enjoyable watching everything unfold. Thanks for sharing!

Kshadeslady (Chapter 34) - Tue 30 Jan 2024

That was a wonderful, fun way to end this story. I totally enjoyed it. Thank you. 

Kshadeslady (Chapter 30) - Wed 24 Jan 2024

What an interesting turn of events. 

Kshadeslady (Chapter 29) - Wed 17 Jan 2024

Wow! That was very steamy. I don't think I've reviewed much but I am loving all the layers you have built into this story. 

Kshadeslady (Chapter 10) - Sat 30 Dec 2023

I love how they all turned up at the shrine to help fix it. I was wondering if they were all demons in this or not. Just hiding it. And just how is that jewel going to play in with all this? Now this luscious chapter.   

Kshadeslady (Chapter 4) - Sat 30 Dec 2023

I wasn't sure I would like this (I'm an older reader) but the story and the way you are handling it is wonderful. I like stories with several layers going on. Nicely done. 

Jade (Chapter 5) - Sat 30 Oct 2021

Oh this is really good! I can't wait to read more!!

D (Chapter 1) - Tue 26 Oct 2021

This story have my mind working so hard in wonderful good way. Enjoyung this story so much... does Kagome keep apartment as well or just live in shine? I want to make sure I am following correctly. Lot happens in chapter which is great thing

trinity3000 (Chapter 5) - Sat 23 Oct 2021

I am loving this story so far.  One question....I thought Kagome lived at the shrine with her mom, but chapter 5 said all she had waiting for her was cats and then Sesshomaru dropped her off at her apartment.    I was just a little confused.

SmilingFool (Chapter 5) - Fri 22 Oct 2021

Oh man wonder where Kagome's mind going to wander next...  This was a great chapter can't wait to see what happens next.

Nallely (Chapter 4) - Thu 02 Sep 2021

Wow what a revelation! hope you would update soon.

Nallely (Chapter 3) - Mon 02 Aug 2021

Now I'm intrigued, I hope we can read Sesshomaru's thoughts at some point and the mystery behind the events after the party and the guy who kissed him. Nice chapter!

SammyJams (Chapter 3) - Sun 01 Aug 2021

Awh - how sweet he is, keeping an eye out for her 

Nallely (Chapter 2) - Thu 29 Jul 2021

I just finished chapter 2 and I was like.. where is chapter 3? It's actually an intriguing story and I would like to keep reading whenever you post so please keep uploading.

Acb6293 (Chapter 2) - Mon 26 Jul 2021

I was weary reading this doc because I'm not a huge fan of current time stories instead of feudal era ones, but nor I'm hooked trying to figure out how on earth this will be some a romance between sesshomaru and Kagome since he's gay lol 

bookgirl813 (Chapter 1) - Sat 24 Jul 2021

Interesting start.  I'll watch and see where this goes.

SmilingFool (Chapter 1) - Sat 24 Jul 2021

Oh I like the plot of this story so unusual yet thrilling altogether... Can't wait to read more.

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