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Mary J Dolph (Chapter 1) - Sun 07 Mar 2021

Sango must suffer end up alone and killed by youki societ. With Kagome leading the charge kill her baby too she doesn't matter. Make Sesshomaru loose everything especialy his pride and make sure his honor is dragge through the mud he must suffer and terrorize Sango sesshomaru should kill sango's baby and see to it no one wants her ugly and sterile self (if I had my way)

Esso Bluebear (Chapter 6) - Sat 06 Mar 2021

oh my gods!!! heart broken than a motherfucker i am! ive been waiting and looking for a sesskag fic just like this. i love where everything is going and i hope that u make sesshomaru pay for the pain and hurt he has caused kagome and i hope that naraku will find his way into this fic and ease some of kagome's pain. next update please. 

Mecca (Chapter 6) - Fri 05 Mar 2021

Ohhhh my god! TWINS! I love it! But SANGO IS ALSO KNOCKED UP??! I can't! who will Sesshoumaru choose...? I'm bawling! 

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 6) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

I actually swore while reading this. I did not see that coming. Things are about to get way more complicated. 

Sess Koibito (Chapter 6) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

Oh no! Please don't tell me Sesshoumaru now has three babies on the way!?! Can't wait to read the next chapter!

SmilingFool (Chapter 6) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

LOL that was good...  Loved it.  I hate pretend friendship, money-grubbing liars, and over steppers.  Sango needs to be put in her place one I hope she finds she's pregnant with Miroku's child and not Sesshomaru's like she thinks..  That would knock her down a peg or two then having higher society shun her and discredit her to the point of pulling her hair out.  LOl  All too good for the bitch but your the author so I leave it to you.  Boy Kagome's going to get a big surprise..  Kimi is all too happy now...  But they need to move quick because Toga is on his way..  Wondering what the castle is like in Scottland?  Can't wait to read more.  Update soon.

Pat Wim (Chapter 6) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

Goodness I love this story it is the first different sounding one I have read in a while they all started to sound the same I got a few im worki g on so many ideas in my head one is about Kagome getting her own concubine hopefully soon I can put atleast 2 new chapters out working on about 5 or 6 stories but can't wait for next update I hope all goes well 4u later

KEdakumi (Chapter 6) - Thu 04 Mar 2021

Babies everywhere!  So whomever is born first will be the heir. I'm guessing Sango will think she's going to be the queen dowenger (is that the right word?) or she figures she' ll take over the West. Should be interesting.

 Cant wait to see what  happens next.

ps- stay healthy 

Curly Elephant (Chapter 5) - Wed 17 Feb 2021

Aw, thanks for updating. So nice to bring kimi into the mi . I can see her at the council trial, trying to rile up her son, perhaps to see his (or his beasts) commitment for herself. My mind sees it like this... 


Why isn't the miko present to represent herself? 

Upon arrival at her sisters home it became apparent that she had a medical condition that requires a stress free environment in which to... Heal. 

A medical condition? What medical condition? 

I'm not surprised you failed to notice her condition, what with how infrequently you were actually in your home. But have no worries, your half breed brother made sure to provide medical care for your mate, while you were busy rutting your slayer whore.


I'm awful, I know. It just hits on so many sore points (injured mate, half breed, his lack of providing, his infidelity), I can see kimi saying something like that. Tee hee. The trial is bound to be interesting , I can't wait! Thanks for the update, I shall wait eagerly for the next. 

wiccawoman (Chapter 1) - Tue 16 Feb 2021

Love your story! Please don't let Kagome forgive Sesshomaru too soon! He and Sango deserve to suffer badly for what they have done! 

Annie (Chapter 5) - Tue 16 Feb 2021

Kudos to mother InuKimi for wanting to help out Kagome. I see she has a special bond with her that she is willing to help relocate her so she can get back on her feet. I can not wait to see her represent Kagome to the council members, Toga and Sesshomaru. It's going to be a lot of fireworks.

SmilingFool (Chapter 5) - Tue 16 Feb 2021

Oh my hopes were right....  yes gotta love Kimi she's so awesome and plans always work with her schemes this one takes the cake can't wait to read what happens next...  Hopefully, they do away with Kagome's scent ever being there no need to let the others know she's pregnant....  i adore Scottland so much greenery.  update soon.

KEdakumi (Chapter 5) - Tue 16 Feb 2021

Ooo.... that was a cool twist.  Time to bring out the big dog… Pun intended. 
It's nice to see a story where Papa isn't necessarily a good guy. They can see that he will be focusing on his own self interest and Sesshoumaru's  interest. Not necessarily what would be best for Kagome.

Can't wait to see what Miroku thinks of all this and how hard Sango's will fight for Sesshoumaru.

Katze (Chapter 5) - Tue 16 Feb 2021

Yes! Yes! Yes! Kimi to the rescue! This is just the help Kagome needs. She's redirecting Kagome from focusing on Sesshomaru and her love for him to having her work on her independence and love for herself and her child. Love it.

Drianax (Chapter 4) - Fri 12 Feb 2021

Good story!  Please update ASAP?!

Theresa (Chapter 1) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

Please oh please I hope you finish this story. I usually dont read alternate universe and incomplete stories but this has me hooked. Thank you for writing this.

Pat Wim (Chapter 4) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

You could use I remember , incapable or I should have ny Keyshia cole ex factor by Lauren hill battlefield by jordin sparks you need inspiration I can help love tjis story even inspired me to work on mine and write more

KEdakumi (Chapter 4) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

Ol' Fluffy... hind sight is 20/20.

 And Inu-papa isn't worried for  what's best for  Kagome... it doesn't matter if his  son will do this again, let's just keep her around because there's a chance Sesshoumaru could loose it. Because that will teach his son to be accountable for his actions????

i hope they get her out of there before anyone else finds out about the pregnancy.  Wouldn't it be interesting if he got Sango's pregnant too?

Curly Elephant (Chapter 4) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

Also , the fact that he didn't realize her smell had changed is a testimony to how little time he had been spending with her. I wonder if his beast knows, even if subconsciously, and if so, if he will tell sesshomaru... 

Curly Elephant (Chapter 4) - Wed 10 Feb 2021

I love your work, and am excited every time I see you've updated. I'm curious to see the conversation between Miroku and Sango. She says she loves sesshomaru, so does that mean she has fallen out of love with Miroku? How will he take tha ? Just bc he cheats doesn't mean he doesn't live he . Although he may be upset bc it was with his friends husband. It also gives a chance for a little history, if she tells him how it all started. Also, it sounds like sesshomaru doesn't love sango... How will she handle that? She seems to love him and want to mate him.

I'm so eager to see where this goes, thank you for all your work on it. ???? 

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