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Well, I still live. Which is good.

Turns out a college degree doesn't open many doors as it used to, so I'm going back to an advertising school and praying something pans out from there.


New life update- so advertising school didn't pay off in the way I expected. And by that I mean a lot of psychological trauma occurred. I worked for gamestop for about a year and now I temp at a call center.



lets just say life seems to not be going in any direction i wanted. Probably why I'm reading fan fiction even more these days.

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The Bard

Created On: 10/17/2016 11:47:43

I like your way of thinking. Maybe she will help him. Maybe she won't. I don't know. I'm kind of going with the flow and seeing where the story takes me. Thank you for the review. It's much appreciated!

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 06/28/2015 20:20:30

I am pleased that you like MBSL thus far. Thanks for reviewing!


Created On: 05/20/2014 16:40:23

Thank you so much for helping me find the story I was looking for!

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 07/03/2013 13:12:22

Thank you so much for the review, and I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind!


Created On: 01/03/2013 22:41:13

Thank you for reviewing Bitterly Yours! Glad you enjoyed the first chapters!



Created On: 10/26/2010 22:03:09

Hey, thanks for reviewing Secrets Beneath the Surface...and yes, I promise to finish it this time Promise Promise Promise lol


Created On: 07/23/2010 14:12:15

reply to --> So, Sesshoumaru Already knows the assassin is a she?

Are you getting closer to the meeting? I can't wait how that turns out


my reply --> yes he does! he knows exactly which lady in waiting it is but he did not see her face or anything that would allow him to distinguish her from the thousands of other females out there. and yes we are =) kagome just has to set some things up and then the fun will begin =)


Created On: 07/13/2010 23:44:37


No, dont worry, Inu-yasha didnt rape her
Nice to see you again


Created On: 07/08/2010 00:26:03

Thank you for your review! and Especially pointing out the error. I guess I became too caught upg and I ended up mixed up.
As for the immunity thing and the jewel, sorry for not clarifying. I was pointing out that Sesshomaru is immune to poision, that is what I had hims stabbed by Kitora. Kitora has the dark shikon no tama, and the dark energy transitioned into Sesshomaru when he was stabbed.
But no worries. Next chapter will explain more. Thank you though!


Created On: 02/20/2010 23:53:38

Thanks for the review!
Well, I'm trying to keep her away from the situations so she can't realize, and both are lying to her. But I understand what you mean, and you are right, I might make her a little too... whats the word Im looking for... well, too blind lol.
I dont consider it a flame, I always welcome constructive criticism, and you are right, I'll work on it for future chapters.

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