Pack by thetroll

Chapter 1

"Whaddayah mean my house ain't sturdy?" InuYasha glowers at Sesshomaru. "At least I have a fucking house, asshole. All you got is some dingy old cave!"

"Oy!" Kogs bristles beside InuYasha. "The fuck's wrong with a cave?"

Kagome hides a wince as InuYasha tries to walk back the insult about caves being poor lodging, but Koga is still thoroughly offended by the end and sniffs, giving his mate a sharp look. "We mated in that cave," Koga growls then.

InuYasha flushes and then, no doubt groping for an excuse, settles on, "Well, he's the fucker who said his stupid dragon could build a better home!" He points a finger at Sesshomaru, who is rather nonchalant about the accusation. 

Kagome sees her mate open his mouth, no doubt to make things worse, and blurts out, "I'm sure Sesshomaru was just trying to offer some advice about your home—"

"It is not a home." Sesshomaru stares at the house with obvious disdain. "It is a travesty of construction that will topple over at any moment. I merely pointed out to InuYasha his failure in preparing a solid foundation—"

"Oh, fuck off." InuYasha flicks his brother off. "The fucking foundation is fine—"

Jaken chooses that moment to tap the house with his staff, and it promptly falls over.

"This is all your fault!" InuYasha hisses then, rather than back down. "Your fucking imp broke our house—"

"If Jaken of all creatures is able to destroy your house, it is nothing to celebrate, little brother." Sesshomaru snorts dismissively. "This is your own fault, InuYasha."

Kagome sighs as the inevitable brawl breaks out after that. She and Koga exchange a look before shaking their heads, leaving their mates to their fight. It simply isn't worth getting in the middle of the two of them when both brothers are in this sort of mood. 

She just wishes she didn't hear Hakkaku, Ginta, and Jaken taking bets in the background.