Office Hours by Tsuki no Tennyo


Author's Note: There is literally no plot to this series. This is just my therapeutic outlet for adulthood angst. And I just wanted Sess/Kag to be established work besties who are also idiots in love, but don't know they're in love, but everyone at the office does and have an active bet pool on when the two dumb-dumbs will realize their feelings for one another.

I have specific needs.

Word Count: 980 words


"So, Koharu, that should be everything you need to know for tomorrow as your first official work day," Kikyou said to the new hire with a pleasant smile.

The younger woman bowed gratefully to her new co-worker. "Thank you, Ms. Kikyou! I look forward to working with you and everyone here at the office."

"Oh, Kikyou is just fine, Koharu," Kikyou responded with another smile. Her eyes brightened suddenly when she saw someone approaching from the other side of the hallway. "Oh, hi, Kagome!"

Koharu almost did a double-take when she saw another woman approached them with an almost uncanny resemblance to Kikyou. "Oh, hello, I am Koharu, the new office assistant!"

"Hello there, I am Kagome," the woman introduced herself cheerfully. "I'm one of the office managers here. My partner Sesshoumaru is the other one, but he's in a meeting right now with our directors."

"Is that meeting still going on?" Kikyou questioned with a brow. "I thought it should be over by now."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "You know how Toutousai enjoys tormenting Sess with unrelated questions to the meeting."

Kikyou nodded her head sympathetically. "I take it he's going to be extra cranky once the meeting is over."

At that, Koharu felt a nervous twist in her stomach about this seemingly temperamental manager she had yet to meet.

"Which is why I am off to the breakroom to buy him his favorite yogurt parfait," Kagome said with a wink. "It was nice meeting you Koharu, and I looked forward to working with you."

Koharu's cheeks brightened and she quickly bowed respectfully to her superior. "I look forward to working with you as well, Ms. Kagome!"

"Kagome's fine, dear," she responded, "Well, ladies, too-da-loo!"

Kikyou and Koharu watched Kagome disappeared down the hallways. Once she was out of sight, Kikyou tutted quietly to herself. "Shit, I hope I won't cross his path before Kagome gets to him."

"Uh, Kikyou?"

Kikyou looked to the younger woman, confused, but then she quickly realized what she had just said and covered her mouth in embarrassment. "Oh, don't worry. Sesshoumaru can be a little scary at first, but it'll be alright. I can tell you will be a hard worker, Koharu, and Sesshoumaru respects people with a good work ethic."

"Ah, okay…"

"Besides, as long as Kagome is around, she'll keep him in check," Kikyou said firmly, hoping to alleviate the younger woman's worries.

"Right!" a male voice boomed from behind Koharu, startling her in the process. She whipped around just in time to see a young man approached them with a charming smile. "Kagome is #1 when it comes to calming that old dog."

"Koharu," Kikyou interjected, "This is Miroku, our marketing manager. Miroku, behave." She casted him a stern look, receiving a feigned wounded pout in return from her co-worker.

Koharu was confused by the exchange, but she decided to not question it. Instead, she asked about a different matter. "Um, I hope this is not rude, but Kagome and Sesshoumaru…" Her cheeks reddened again. "Are they a, um…couple?"

Miroku keeled over laughing while Kikyou tried to stifle her sudden giggles.

Koharu's cheeks brightened further, embarrassed beyond reason.

"Well, actually," Miroku stopped to gasp for breath, too tickled by the younger woman's innocent question, "They should be, but they're such idiots, they don't even realize they're in love with one another."

Koharu blinked.

"They're 'work besties,' according to Kagome anyway," Kikyou explained, "But Sesshoumaru is most certainly not the type to have a 'bestie.'" She tapped her chin thoughtfully. "He doesn't get along with anyone else really, but for some reason, he and Kagome are just…good together."

"Actually—Koharu, was it?—we do have an office pool going on right now," Miroku said with a cheeky grin. "We're all betting on when those two will realize their feelings for one another." He wagged his eyebrows suggestively. "Care to join?"

Koharu blushed and quickly shook her head.

"Ah, shame," Miroku said with a disappointed smile, "But if you ever change your mind, go look for Shippou. He's in charge of the pool." Miroku took a look at his watch and then smiled apologetically to the two women. "Sorry, ladies, but I have to go meet with another peer right now. It was nice talking with you two."

Once Miroku was out of sight, Kikyou turned to her new co-worker. "Well, Koharu, I think you will find Shikon to be a very interesting place."

Koharu nodded in agreement.

Kikyou took a glance around and then whispered to the other woman, "Once you get to know Sesshoumaru and Kagome, place a bet."


"I have them down for two more years," Kikyou added, "Miroku thinks five. Trust me. You will want to place a bet."

"Well, the beast has been calmed," Kagome's voice rang out from behind Kikyou, startling her instantly.

Kikyou whirled around. "Kagome!"

She shook her head, exasperated. "Don't worry, Sesshoumaru is at his desk eating his parfait and glowering, but he won't chew anyone out." She paused and then said thoughtfully, "Except maybe Kouga. I don't know why he doesn't like him."

"Um," Kikyou stammered, "Well, I was just about to show Koharu how to head back to the lobby."

"Oh, I'll join you two!" Kagome said brightly, already ushering Koharu to follow her. "So, Kikyou, what were you two talking about just now?"

Kikyou nearly stumbled in her steps. "Oh, um, just about our co-workers and what she should expect."

"Oh, yeah, I'm sure she'll pick things up real quickly," Kagome said, unaware that she was walking ahead. She continued to chatter, not noticing behind her the other two had fallen behind.

Kikyou turned to Koharu and mouthed sternly: "Place that bet!"

Koharu just nodded obediently and then quickened her steps to catch up with the oblivious Kagome.

"Oh, you're just going to love it here!" Kagome said, beaming.


Endnote: Oh, god, this intro came out longer than expected. Don't expect all chapters will be like this. I intend it to be more short snippets, but I needed to set things up before I can get into the Sess/Kag shenanigans.