When My Heart Shatters by Utena

Take A Bow

Author's Notes

This series will be an interconnected set of one-shots dealing with the fallout of a marriage. I am not exactly sure which direction this one will go, how long it may be, or how it may end. In other words, this may or may not be a HEA. It will depend on what my Musie decides with this one.

Currently, this one may be slow to update as I am trying to work on both A Jealous Betrayal and Every Time I Love You.

For now, enjoy!


When My Heart Shatters

By Utena

All the world is a stage (World is a stage)
And everyone has their part (Has their part)
But how was I to know which way the story'd go
How was I to know you'd break (You'd break, you'd break, you'd break)
You'd break my heart

-Take a Bow, Madonna





From her viewpoint in the corner of the room, Kagome Taisho watched as her husband moved fluidly through the crowd, pausing only momentarily to say something or another to one of the investors. Kagome’s eyes were trained on the woman at his side – Sango Hoshi, the wife of one of her high school best friends.  

They had met her in the later part of their high school year. It had been enough for Miroku to decide that she was the one he wanted to spend his life with. Of course, Kagome could not have been happier for her friend. He had gone through girls during their entire middle to high school years that Kagome had even wondered if there would be a woman who would ever catch his eye.

Apparently, the moment Sango had walked in the room it had been enough for Miroku to declare to be the woman he had been waiting for. It had been quite a whirlwind of a romance and she had watched them marry shortly after graduation.

Kagome had some reservations about the relationship, especially with Miroku’s roving eye. She had wondered if marrying Sango would be enough to halt it. It had not mattered that he declared himself cured in view of her love because Kagome had seen the looks that he had given the bridesmaids as he appraised each one of them during rehearsal dinners.  She could not help but wonder if the marriage was destined for disaster.

Kagome did not voice her fears either. She did not believe it was her place nor would it be welcomed from either Sango or Miroku. So, she watched in silence as the two were married in a quiet ceremony. It would the last she would see them. At least, for the time being.

Kagome’s own life had been changed shortly afterward. Her own twin sister, Kikyo, had married Inuyasha about a year later and the two of them moved away from Japan. According to Inuyasha, it had been due to his elder half-brother returning and taking over the family business. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had never really gotten along. In fact, there had been times that Kagome had been witness to the several blows that the two have come to. That was until their father, Toga, had stepped in and forced both boys into their respective corners.

The elder Inu hated the fact his sons could never get along. It was not that he had not tried to get them to find some sort of common ground because he had. He had even tried to get both interested in the family business. Sesshomaru had a knack for the family business. Inuyasha not so much, but it was not for a lack of trying.

So, when Inuyasha had proposed to Kikyo and announced his intentions to marry her before the family, his father had decided that perhaps his only way of getting Inuyasha interested was to offer him a job on the islands of Hawai’i. It was enough for Inuyasha and he took it. He and her sister were married not more than several weeks after that at a small wedding.

With her sister married and starting a new life away from Japan, Kagome had been left to her own devices. She had returned to school to earn a degree in business. Shortly after graduating, Toga offered her a job at Taisho Corp. Here, she would work with Sesshomaru.

Initially, it had been bothersome with working with the inu daiyoukai. It was well known that he hated humans and it made that quite clear on numerous occasions when he was faced with several members of his team being human.

Kagome normally ignored him to the best of her ability, but one day Sesshomaru had pushed her too far and she laid into him complete with a scorching from her Miko abilities. She had not meant to harm her boss and had no real idea of the abilities that had laid dormant underneath her skin. That was until she went toe-to-toe against her boss.

Toga, who had been in the vicinity and had heard the commotion, came racing in just in time to watch his eldest son and heir slam against the wall. To say the elder inu was impressed was the understatement. He had no idea that the girl he had watched grow up before his eyes held any power within her tiny frame.

Kagome could not remember the aftermath from there, only that it seemed to spur on Sesshomaru’s pursuit of her. It took her months of receiving gifts such as flowers and expensive gifts to realize that the daiyoukai was serious. For her, this was all new. She had never had anyone in pursuit (at least, not in the romantic aspect except for Hojo, but that was a story for another time). He had even gone before the Cardinal Lords for permission for the pursuit of the Miko.

Kagome was touched, she had to concede to herself. He had made her feel things and for the first time, she allowed Sesshomaru admittance to her heart and he would be the last. He ensured that any who sought out Kagome were made aware of his ultimate <i>claim</i> of her. He had even gone before the Yokai Council to gain the approval of his choice. Of course, there had been many within the council set against the match. Their argument had been considered outdated. After all, matings between humans and yokai were becoming common. Humans were living longer much in part to their mating bond they shared with their yokai spouse. Still, there were many older yokais who viewed these matings with old-world prejudices. Humans, they had argued, were not mate material. They were nothing short of beneath their feet, meant to be purged from the Earth.

Long ago, Kagome contemplated, her mate would have agreed with their assessment of humans. After all, he had hated humans and hanyo. He viewed his half-brother as a travesty and his stepmother as nothing more than something to be hated. It had caused a rift in his relationship with his own father and although Toga had tried hard to repay all damage, he saw that Sesshomaru’s hatred of all things human was far too great.

With a heavy heart, Toga had stopped trying to understand his eldest and turned his attention toward his younger son with hopes that Inuyasha would have a different upbringing.

In the end, Sesshomaru had won his right to make Kagome his mate with the hope that she would deliver him an heir within the span of their first year of mating. Unfortunately, that had never come to fruition. Not that they had not tried. Since the beginning, they had done everything possible to have a child and every time Kagome would watch her mate be disappointed in the results.

It was at this point, Kagome realized that the “honeymoon” period of their marriage was over, and her mate seemed to withdraw from her altogether. He only came to her when he knew it was her “time” and then would withdraw from their room, leaving Kagome in tears as she tried to grapple with what she had done to deserve such a treatment.

It had not taken Kagome long to realize shortly afterward that Sesshomaru rarely spent time at home. During the early stages of their marriage, he came home all the time to spend with her. Now, it was rare a chance that he would be home to sit with her at dinner. She knew what the servants were saying. She had heard the gossip when they thought no one was there – Sesshomaru had a mistress. They had smelt the mixture of sex and another upon him.

Kagome could feel her heartbreak at this revelation. She had never thought Sesshomaru would be capable of doing this to her. Had he not promised her fidelity? Apparently, he seemed to have forgotten that part of their vows.

Pushing her thoughts away, Kagome returned to catch sight of her husband and Sango laughing at something one of the investors had said. Part of her believed she should be out there at his side, basking in the glow of his smile and love, but he had deposited her in the corner like some forgotten doll while he took Sango out to meet the investors.

Reaching up to brush away her tears, Kagome did not need to be told that Sango was the mistress. She could see it in the way he touched her, and Sango responds with the look of love in her dark eyes.

She could not stay here any longer. She did not want to see the sympathetic looks that the wives would give her when they realized that she was there in attendance. No, all she wanted was to be far away from this scene and back at the manor to begin her next move.

She glanced once more at her mate and knew that he would not even miss her if she left and she would give it to him as she turned on the heels of her navy-blue satin heels and headed toward the direction of the exit. There, she found one of the guards who seemed surprised to see her in her vulnerable state.

“Kagome-sama,” he whispered softly and guided her through a series of private doors that would lead her to a discreet waiting area, “I have ordered the Taisho limo to pick you up.”

“Ah, Renkotsu,” she greeted the man with a sad smile as she tried to clean up her mascara as best as she could. She did not want the human male to offer any sort of sympathy. It was enough she had heard it from her own servants at home, “thank you.”

“Is there anything else you need?” He queried taking in her form and seeing the young woman had hidden from the world.

Kagome shook her head. “No, I just want to return home. Thank you though. I appreciate it.”

The man could only nod his head and step away once the limo came into view and halted before them. Although he knew very little of Kagome, he knew her from his brother, Jakotsu, who did and adored the little female. The two were friends and each time Kagome came to Taisho Corp to visit her mate, she would always stop to see him exchange gossip.

But those visits were now few and far between and Jakotsu had begun to miss them immensely.

As the driver exited the car and moved to open the back door from Kagome, the young woman turned to Renkotsu and smiled. “Thank you,” she whispered slipping into the back and moving herself to the middle of the room.

The door closed leaving Kagome alone in the darkened limo. She could feel the tears gathering in her eyes and though she tried hard to keep them at bay, they fell down her cheek. Her heart was breaking and there was nothing she could do to keep it from doing so. She had always thought that Sesshomaru was the other half of her soul. He was perfect, one of the most beautiful males she had ever seen, and he was all hers.

Had been, she mentally corrected herself feeling the limo pull away. She really did not want to go home. Rather, she wanted to go somewhere far away and never return. Maybe it was what she needed – to leave this life behind and disappear completely from her marriage and this life.

Reaching into her clutch bag, she retrieved her phone and dialed her sister’s number. The line rang three times before her sister’s sleepy voice reached her ear.

“Kagome?” Kikyo murmured the greeted with slight concern and sleepiness still etched in her tone.

“Kikyo,” Kagome was sobbing now. Her heart shattering the moment she heard her sister’s voice. Every bit of pain and hurt rolling off the single name of her twin.

“Kagome, what’s wrong?” Her sister was now fully awake and worried. She had never heard Kagome cry in such a way that it was breaking her own heart. She reached over to lightly awaken her husband, who turned his half-asleep amber eyes toward her.

In an instant, he was awake and sitting up moving to press his ear against the cell phone and hearing his sister-in-law’s sobs.

“That damn bastard,” Inuyasha growled grabbing the phone from Kikyo. “Kagome, come home. I will get you a plane ready in just three hours and have it on the runway waiting for you.” There was a pause and he growled again, “I ain’t afraid of that bastard. He can kiss my ass and I will make sure that no one talks of where you have gone.”

Kikyo, who had risen from their bed, had grabbed her robe and made her way out of their bedroom. Inuyasha could only guess that his wife went to seek out the maids and begin preparations for Kagome’s arrival.

“No, Kagome, he has done this one too many times,” her brother-in-law argued shaking his head angrily. “I don’t care what he thinks or anything from him for that matter. Kikyo and I will be waiting for you at the airport.”

Another pause and another growl.

“Pops has to know, Sis,” he replied with a soft sigh. “He has to know exactly what his eldest idiot son has done.” A pause. “No, Kagome, I am not promising to tell and I am certainly not going to keep quiet about this. Sesshomaru is an asshole and if that is the game he wants to play; I am more than willing to play hardball by bringing in Dad.”

After a few more minutes and a dozen of “not going to happen”, Inuyasha hung up the call and began dialing the airport in Tokyo to prepare one of the family planes for Kagome’s arrival and departure from there. He also made sure to message his father that the two of them needed to talk pronto. He knew his father would not be happy. After all, Toga had been extremely fond of Kagome…loved her like his own and had hopes that Inuyasha would have taken her as a mate, but when Inuyasha took Kikyo as his mate, Toga had thought all was lost. Well, that was until the bastard laid eyes upon his best friend.

Inuyasha growled again and rose from the bed, pacing the floor as he waited for his wife to return. When Kikyo did finally return, Inuyasha looked over at his wife and could see her eyes were sad.

“That pompous bastard is having an affair with Sango,” Inuyasha all but snarled out. He could feel his beast shaking the chains.

“Sango?” Kikyo echoed furrowing her brows together. “Isn’t that –“

“Miroku’s wife,” Inuyasha finished for her. He really wanted to get his hands on Miroku and shake the hell out of him. “I would not be surprised if she found out he was having an affair and he just decided to encourage her to do the same. I would not have thought she would dare go after my idiot brother.”

Kikyo shook her head. If there was one friend of Inuyasha and her sister that she cared little for, it would have been Miroku. He was nothing more than a manwhore and she had some belief that marriage would have never slowed him down at all. She felt sorry for her sister, who had given up everything, to find herself in this situation.

“You know he is going to find out where she is,” Kikyo warned worriedly. “How are we going to keep that from happening?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Inuyasha said reaching out for his wife and pulling her in his arms. “I won’t let him find her. If I must, I will send her to the winter home we have up in San Francisco. She will be safe there as Dad doesn’t even know about it.”

“Are you really going to tell your Dad about this?”

“Of course, I am!” Inuyasha replied. “He needs to know what an asshole and horrible mate his other son is. The only problem we may have with him is Dad believes that problems between mates can be solved. However, I don’t think Kagome needs that right now. Sesshomaru will promise everything and Kagome will forgive him, and things will be right back where they are – Sesshomaru whoring himself with Sango.”

At the thought of Sango, Inuyasha flexed his claws wishing more than anything to rip that woman’s out alongside that of her own husband’s.

“But first,” Inuyasha sighed inhaling the calming scent of his wife, “let’s get this place ready for her, and then we can plot our next move.”

As the limo made its way around the courtyard and stopped in front of the doorway, Kagome took a moment to completely calm herself. She hated the notion that she called Kikyo and Inuyasha. She had not meant to wake them up and tell them of her problems, but the voices of her sister and brother-in-law had helped her immensely. She knew the two of them were right; she needed to leave. Staying her would solve nothing for her and certainly, her mate would not be open to discussions of their marriage. No, it would be best if she left.

Once the limo door opened, Kagome slid out of the car and turned to her driver.

“Akito-san,” Kagome addressed him, “please have the limo back upfront in an hour.”

The yokai bowed his head to his mistress and quietly replied, “Of course, Kagome-sama.”

Kagome turned away and headed inside. The manor was faintly lit but the light was adequate to guide her up the stairs and to the room she had shared with her mate. There she quickly grabbed two of her suitcases and started throwing everything she could into them. She knew time was short and it would only be a matter of time before her mate would return home. She did not want to deal with him nor whatever he would have to say with the hopes of keeping her here. She knew it would be nothing more than lies as he would continue whatever affair he was having with Sango.

Once her bags were filled with clothes and items, Kagome quickly headed into the bathroom for a shower and a change of clothes. She could not wait to be out of here and away from him. Maybe once she had time to think everything over, she could convince not only her father-in-law but the Yokai Council to grant her a divorce. She had once promised herself that her marriage would be forever, but how could it be when there were three in her marriage?

Drawn from her thoughts, Kagome showered quickly and got out to dress in her most comfortable clothes consisting of her favorite sweatpants and t-shirt. A glance in the mirror showed her once beautiful blue eyes were red and puffy from crying. There was no time for her to fix it. She had to be out of here and if she wanted to do so, she had to go now.

Moving out of the bathroom, she grabbed her two suitcases and left the room. She did not bother to look around to see if there was anything missing. She really did not care if there was anything. She could easily get another one later. All she wanted to do was be gone from here.

Once down the steps and out the door, she found the limo once more in front waiting for her. The yokai driver had been confused when he saw her luggage. She had not mentioned she would be going anywhere, but he did not question it either. He did not see a point to involve himself in the matters of the heart, but he knew that this was probably the last time he would see her.

“Where to, Kagome-sama?” Akito inquired taking the luggage from her hand and placing it in the trunk of the limo.

“Airport and please hurry, Akito,” she replied opening her own door and stepping into the limo.

The yokai driver bowed his head and moved around the vehicle, opening the driver’s side, and starting the car. He had already sent out another limo in place knowing his master would need one shortly. Still, he did as his mistress requested and the limo pulled out of the courtyard and into the empty road.

End of One-Shot