Concubine by Oki

Welcome to The New World

Hi, this is a rewrite of a previous fic. Hope you enjoy this freshened take.


Welcome to The New World 

We were all taken away. Pulled out of our beds, taken from our cars, and snatched right off the streets. We lost the war, and our freedom all in an instant.

It was the last moments of the old world, the last moments of our immunity. We all knew this was coming and somehow we allowed it all happen. Right now, all over Japan, the new order is quickly being put into place, and so are we.

I was dragged in darkness. Using what senses I had left I listen to the shrill screams echo in my ears and scents denotes my surroundings: Sweat, perfume, fear, and musk. 

Eventually, I struggled against my captors when they began to roughly brace me and shove me back onto a lumpy pile of appendages. The women beneath me stir in panic, scrambling away. I sink to the floor and frantically turned around to look up for any type of exit. Beside me, a woman pray loudly, there was another in the back trying to soothe someone wailing. On my other side, I hear a scream to be let go.

Where are we?

I glance up and notice square windows high on the wall. It reminds me of a school auditorium or a gymnasium. Rimlight outlines curtains around the windows and allow in moonlight to slather illumination across the sea of women. If I even imagined to be tall enough, I would be able to jump through the crack in one of the windows.

Where are the men?

With my hands, I nudge away some of the hysterical women and try to get a good look at our surroundings. I push myself through the current of hysteria; being sure to step over the myriad  of women tramped and passed out on the floor. 

Teens who were huddled together squeals frightfully as I bump passed them. Another woman who I assume, fainted at one point is splayed about and stepped on as another person push back and against me to get as far away from something as possible. I look over and see slits of light nestled between a door and its frame. 

I hastily part through the rest of the crowd and see guards standing at the door of where I assume I came through. 

Suddenly, like the opening of an incinerator, yellow light spills over my sensitive eyes and blotch-like figures file in the light. More screams accompanied them and soon I fought against the new onslaught of women jostling around me like greased pigs in a pin.

Some of the new women were thrust in the room in similar fashion to me whilst others were sucked into the abyss of terrror upon their push into the darkness. I fought against the wave, violently pushing whatever my hands grasps towards the light. But all was for naught as I wasn’t close enough to reach and soon the doors slam shut once again, leaving us all in relative darkness, save for the slit of imposing light between the door and the frame.

In my head, I contemplate using some Reiki to light my surroundings or to fight against the guards but it probably wasn’t wise.There are numerous guards standing at the door and there are definitely more outside of them. 

There could be more mikos amongst me but I can't bank on any stepping forth to fight against the guards. I sink back into the sea and tried not to be swept back by the current of women. There wasn't much I could do right now but wait. 

It felt like an eternity in Hell before I heard the creak of the door open once more. On que, the room stirs up into a frenzy again. This time a lone, tall figure emerges from the light first before other guards shuffle behind.

The outside hall pours light somewhat into the room, enough for me to see the faces of terror more acutely in the shadows. The light is quickly blocked by the silhouette of guards covering the way behind their leader.

Moonlight cuts across this figure’s chest as he walks and lights ups, shiny, glinting emblems. 

I know those emblems.

His piercing violet eyes were like glowing embers in the darkness as they scan the room with a sense of disdain. He releases a guttural growl that causes those nearest to become more hysterical as they crumple away from him as humanly possible.

“You disgusting Humans!” He barks. The figure effectively sweeps a pained hush over us as none of us even dare to breathe in his presence.

“There are two Mikos among us. Sisters, at that.” He enunciates slowly, instilling the fear within us with each step of the his rubber soled boots against the hollow floor, pacing the width of the room. 

“I'll give you a chance to step up now. Accept your fate and maybe- just maybe, we'll spare you and your hands.” he bargains.

 My knees liquefied into jello at his words. He has a veil of evil surrounding him, and his cruelty seems to have no bounds. There’s no way I’m giving myself up to have my hands cut off from using reiki.


My heart wouldn’t stop hammering in my ears as I curl my fingers into fists. I’m no fool but I want to burn him into a million pieces in this moment, but I couldn’t. My sister is here. In this room with me, possibly amongst us or unknowingly maybe right next to me. 

When he assumed neither one of us would step up, he stops his pacing and instead, does a left face and smoothly turns towards us. More moonlight casts onto his face, revealing his sinistar expression of bloodlust. “Alrighty then, if you want to do this the hard way, we can. Don't think we don't know how to weed ‘em out.”

He laughs for a moment and I can barely hold my bladder together. I felt like he could smell my miko heritage from here. I fear any minute now a spotlight would expose me bare for the taking. 

“Now, comply and you’ll make this a pleasant transition. You’re all going to go through rigorous training for your new roles. Take it very seriously and don’t try to play brave…It will cost you a lot and cost us very little. Welcome to the New World.”


  Hope you enjoy.